Making the decision to commit to rehab can be downright scary – but it’s important that you don’t allow your fears to interfere with your recovery. Here’s help: By learning some common rehab fears – and how to overcome them – you can take your first big step toward lasting sobriety.

  • Fear of the unknown: It’s pretty common to worry about what you’ll face once you enter rehab. In fact, there are likely tons of questions swirling in your head.
    What helps: A quick phone call to your rehab facility can help answer questions about detox and withdrawal, housing, family visits, daily schedules and more.

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  • Fear of being sober: Life can be messy and dealing with it without the crutch of drugs or alcohol is certainly a scary prospect for many people in recovery.
    What helps: A big part of rehab is learning healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the ups and downs of life while sober. Take a deep breath and commit to becoming a better, sober you.

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  • Fear of failure: Unfortunately relapse is pretty common in early recovery – but it’s not inevitable. Recovery isn’t a quick fix but a lifelong process of personal growth.
    What helps: In rehab, you’ll learn your personal triggers and develop a sound relapse prevention plan. This, plus having a supportive network of friends and loved ones, can increase your chances for sober success.

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  • Fear of rejection from loved ones: Will my friends and family members think I’m weak or less of a person if I enter rehab? It’s a common worry, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.
    What helps: Remind yourself that if someone truly cares about you, he or she will support your decision to enter rehab. Now’s the time to be discerning about who is in your life and to let those closest to you know that you’ll need their support and encouragement to heal.

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