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Drug addiction and alcoholism strips individuals of their ability to function at a basic human level. Substance abuse compromises all aspects of life, making even the most trivial daily tasks seem absolutely unconquerable. For individuals who have been suffering at the hands of substance abuse or dependence for any length of time, seeking professional treatment is always a necessary first step on the lifelong road of recovery. At Immersion Recovery Center, we offer comprehensive and highly individualized addiction treatment for men and women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. Inpatient treatment is a highly important phase of recovery because it allows men and women to thoroughly learn the tools and skills they need to stay sober for years to come. Our Lifeskills Training program helps individuals successfully transition back into fully independent living while becoming active, productive members of society.

Addiction recovery is not just about staying sober. It is about reaching full individual potential and beginning to live a fulfilling and joyous life beyond your wildest dreams.

An Integral Part of Recovery

Our Lifeskills Training program helps newly sober men and women successfully reintegrate into society while continuously growing and evolving as individuals. We teach a wide range of skills that are vital to a fulfilled and productive life, from healthy communication to budgeting and working towards complete financial independence. Every path to recovery is different, and each one of our clients will require a unique treatment program. We understand that some individuals will need more work in certain areas and less work in other areas. Upon admission, our team of licensed and dedicated specialists conducts an in-depth evaluation, helping to determine which life skills need the most attention. The following life skills are offered to every single one of our clients, regardless of their unique needs and requirements.

Developing Healthy and Effective Communication Skills

Active addiction severely damages interpersonal relationships. One of the most important components of successfully repairing these relationships is the ability to effectively communicate. Additionally, being able to communicate when you need help or when you are struggling is absolutely essential to relapse prevention. Communication is also essential to effective addiction therapy. We understand that many individuals lose the ability to verbally express themselves while they are struggling with a severe addiction. We ensure that each and every one of our clients can communicate directly, confidently and successfully.

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Developing a Daily Routine that is Conducive to Recovery

One of the biggest keys to long-term sobriety is the development of a consistent and structured daily routine. In active addiction, individuals severely lack structure. They wake up late in the afternoon, go to bed in the early morning and eat whenever they remember to do so. At Immersion Recovery Center, we emphasize the importance of a structured routine. We teach our clients to wake up early every morning, stick to a daily 12 step meeting routine, pay attention to eating three balanced, nutritious meals every day and bolstering these fundamentals with their own individualized daily tasks and activities. For example, one client might decide to make daily yoga classes a part of his or her routine, while another might choose to spend at least two hours every day on his or her stepwork. We allow our clients to develop their own routines, and either approve them fully or make gentle suggestions as to how they can be improved.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Vocational Training

Another key to comprehensive recovery is the ability to maintain long-term employment. In active addiction, the ability to be a somewhat decent employee completely flies out the window. Individuals who are suffering from an addictive disorder will often show up late to work, miss entire work days, show up to work intoxicated or fail to perform the tasks that are required of them. At Immersion Recovery Center, we believe that an integral part of recovery is building self-esteem, and that self-esteem is partially built by showing up and successfully completing the tasks at hand in a workplace environment. Our team of vocational experts help each client figure out a viable career path and actively pursue career-related goals. We help clients build their resumes and apply for jobs that are suitable for them (considering where they are in their recovery programs as well).

Financial Coaching

Another great way to build self-esteem is by becoming financially independent – or at least actively working towards the goal of eventual financial independence. At Immersion Recovery Center, we put a major emphasis on money management and budgeting. Not only does effectively managing money build self-esteem, but alleviating financial burdens and stressors can help prevent potential relapse triggers. Men and women who are in active addiction generally lose a fair amount of money to their habits and often wrack up a large amount of debt. Our experienced team of financial advisors works closely with each individual client, helping them overcome existing financial stressors while effectively budgeting and saving. Clients learn how to formulate a reasonable monthly budget considering their income, learn ways to invest and save their money and learn how to prioritize their personal expenses.

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Helping  To Consistently Make Positive Life Choices

Active addiction and self-destruction go hand-in-hand. It can be difficult for those who are new to recovery to begin making positive life choices on their own, seeing as they have undoubtedly become used to doing the “wrong thing.” Our team of counselors, therapists and addiction specialists works together to change detrimental and problematic behavioral and thinking patterns into self-serving, productive and healthy ones. We teach our clients to think things through thoroughly before they make any decisions, and to consider the consequences of their personal actions. We teach them to be responsible in all aspects of their lives, from their occupations and finances to the ways in which they interact with others. Addiction therapy is a necessary phase of the overall recovery process, but recovery is much more than just a continuum of clinical care – it is a lifestyle. In order for someone to maintain long-term sobriety, he or she must undergo a comprehensive lifestyle change.

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Immersion Recovery Center and Addiction Therapy

Lifeskills Training is a vital part of every recovery program. At Immersion Recovery Center, we put a huge emphasis on equipping our clients with all of the skills they need to succeed in long-term recovery and in life. We help them set a solid and lasting foundation for continuous health and happiness, and while we offer support and guidance as much as necessary, we encourage our clients to begin developing their own goals and future plans, and formulating viable ways in which they can reach those goals. At Immersion Recovery Center, our team of staff members is made up of a wide collection of experienced and compassionate specialists. We have professionals who are well-versed in vocational therapy, financial guidance and effective communication. Together, our staff members work together to ensure that each client is prepared for the next appropriate level of care – and for the remainder of their lives.

To learn more about our highly individualized and comprehensive Lifeskills Training program, or to learn more about the Immersion Recovery Center program of recovery as a whole, give us a call at your earliest convenience. Our team is standing by to answer additional questions 24-hours a day. We look forward to speaking with you soon.