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12 Step Immersion Experience

At Immersion Recovery Center we believe that a comprehensive approach to clinical care is most effective in paving the road for lifelong sobriety. We combine a variety of proven therapeutic methods and holistic approaches to healing. One of the tools that we help our clients to utilize is a 12 step program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step method. The 12 step Immersion Experience lies at the core of our treatment philosophy, not only because we ensure 12 step program participation, but because we apply the 12 steps to our overall recovery process.

We have seen the principles of our 12 Step Immersion Process guide clients to long-term success. Addiction is much more than a physical or psychological ailment; it is a disease of the body, mind and spirit. Because of this, those who have suffered at the hands of active addiction require an integrated and effective approach to addressing each one of these components individually and collectively. A study published in the Journal of Addictive Diseases in 2009 explores the effectiveness of 12 step programs in the maintenance of long-term recovery. The study covers the six main criteria that are utilized in determining the effectiveness of any recovery-related modality and concluded that men and women who attended a 12 step program after completing inpatient treatment were twice as likely to remain sober than those that were not actively engaged in stepwork.

Our Unique Approach

At Immersion Recovery Center we believe addiction is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. It is our belief that the book of Alcoholics Anonymous provides the most effective and well-rounded approach to addressing each of these components. Backed by the experiences of millions of alcoholics and addicts now living in freedom from their disease, we immerse our clients into a proven 12-step philosophy that can produce inward spiritual transformation. Our 12-step immersion philosophy, combined with our holistic and clinical approach, will teach the necessary skills for life long recovery.

Our program is a program of ACTION. Our twelve step program centered approach differs from “Mainstream AA” where there is belief that just going to meetings and talking about your problems will miraculously fix alcoholism. Although we believe fellowship is important to recovery, we bring back the very basics of Alcoholics Anonymous when people actively practiced the 12 steps as a successful program of recovery. Taught by experienced, 12 Step practitioners in long-term recovery, clients are guided through the AA Big Book from a first hand perspective and instructed on how to implement step work into their lives.

Our main goal is to help bring you or your loved one back into society with a new set of skills in order to live without addiction and our South Florida recovery center provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care throughout the entire process.

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The Immersion Recovery 12 Step Process

The 12 Step recovery process has helped hundreds and thousands of men and women across the globe get and stay sober. The 12 step process first began with Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron, Ohio in 1935. The AA group began as the outcome of a meeting between two men, Bill W. and Doctor Bob. The two men later went on to write what is still to this day known as the “Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.” Unfortunately, some men and women mistakenly believe that the program is rooted in religion. The truth is that AA is based in spiritual growth and personal development – emotional maturity and long-term success in sobriety and in life. We have taken the principles outlined in AA to heart, and we incorporate them in every facet of our comprehensive addiction recovery program.

It is important to understand that the principles outlined in 12 step programs do not exclusively apply to alcoholics. We treat men and women of all ages and walks of life; men and women who have suffered from addictive disorders of all kinds. The philosophy we stand by is one that benefits everyone who has ever struggled with an addiction of any severity. Our clients are guided through the 12 steps so that they can go on and implement the valuable principles in every aspect of their lives. They learn an entirely new set of skills grounded in continuous personal growth and the development of a vital spiritual connection.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Applying Immersion’s 12 Steps

1)  The first step is admitting powerlessness – It is crucial that our clients understand the disease model of addiction, and know that no amount of willpower alone will lead to lasting sobriety. This step also explores unmanageability, and how sobriety allows clients to regain control over things that previously seemed impossible to successfully manage.

2)  The second step, “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity,” is the first introduction to spirituality – We teach our clients that they cannot recover on their own – that they must consistently ask for help, and genuinely recognize that on their own, they are incapable of staying sober.

3)  The third step suggests giving up personal will and turning it over to something more powerful than self – In active addiction (and in early recovery), self-reliance gets you nowhere. If clients believe that they can stay sober simply because they want to, they need to change that thinking pattern before inpatient treatment is complete. We teach our clients effective communication skills so that asking for help and talking through emotions becomes almost second nature.

4)  Step four is all about self-reflection – Clients are asked to be honest with themselves during the entire recovery process. Many of our clients come to us angry with the world around them. They blame others for their hardships; they have a difficult time taking responsibility. We work to teach our clients that they are responsible for their own progress in recovery – that it is up to them to continue taking positive action.

5)  The fifth step also focuses on effective communication and on honesty – During our 12 step Immersion program, this is when newly sober men and women sit down with their sponsor and go over their fourth step – a fearless and searching moral inventory. The principle that we take from this step is action. If a client messes up, they are expected to admit their wrongdoing and take immediate action. That might look like making amends or simply learning from their mistakes and progressing in their recovery.

6)  The sixth step is centered around willingness – Clients must become and remain willing to recover if they want to get the most out of the intensive addiction recovery process. The seventh step also concerns willingness.

7)  The seventh step also concerns willingness, and letting go of things that have served as personal hindrances in the past – Becoming willing to change negative thought and behavioral patterns, in short. We teach our clients that it is up to them to make new, healthy choices when they are presented with the opportunity to return to their old ways or progress in their recovery.

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8)  The eighth step centers around making a thorough and honest list of all the people that have been harmed during active addiction – More important than profusely apologizing to everyone that has been harmed along the way, we encourage our clients to truly grasp the impact that their choices have on others. Anyone can say “sorry,” but learning to mean it and work towards lasting change is a life skill that we work hard to instill. We also teach clients how to effectively work through resentments – resentments that could trigger relapse if not thoroughly addressed. The ninth step covers making the amends in person, which further conditions clients to speak through things calmly, rationally and face-to-face.

9)  The ninth step covers making the amends in person, which further conditions clients to speak through things calmly, rationally and face-to-face – Being able to effectively communicate is a crucial lifeskill that we work hard to instill in each one of our clients.
The tenth step focuses on continuing to take personal inventory. The principle that we at Immersion Recovery Center derive from this step is continued self-awareness and a long-term commitment to personal growth.

10)  The tenth step focuses on continuing to take personal inventory – The principle that we at Immersion Recovery Center derive from this step is continued self-awareness and a long-term commitment to personal growth.

11)  The eleventh step focuses on prayer and meditation – Prayer and meditation are crucial components of the holistic portion of our comprehensive recovery program. The eleventh step encourages the ongoing bolstering of spiritual connection. There are many other benefits when it comes to meditation, such as relapse prevention and emotional regulation.

12)  The twelfth step touches on practicing these principles in all affairs and carrying the message to other alcoholics and addicts – At Immersion Recovery Center, we have seen many of our clients go on to help other men or women who are standing where they once stood. Being able to give the gift of recovery to others is the most poignant gift of recovery itself.

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Immersion Recovery Center

Immersions Recovery Center is a 12 step immersion treatment facility serving men and women struggling with chemical dependency to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program believes individuals must recreate their lives through the guiding principles of the 12 steps. An article published by the American Society of Addiction Medicine titled, “The Relevance of Twelve-Step Recovery in 21st Century Addiction Medicine” concludes that there are numerous and lasting benefits of 12 step immersion. We have seen the evidence of 12 step immersion working for each and every one of our clients, and we are looking forward to helping you or your loved one grow as an individual as you develop the skills necessary for a life of fulfilled sobriety.