An Admissions Process That’s
Simple & Straightforward

When you or your loved one is ready to ask for help, Immersion Recovery Center will be here. Our intake process is simple and straightforward and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.  We will provide a complimentary assessment, free insurance benefits check and help coordinate local travel to our facility.  All you or your loved one has to do is ask for help, we will take care of the rest.

What to Expect During Admission

Clients and their loved ones interested in Immersion Recovery Center can expect:

  • Compassion – We understand what you are going through and promise to do everything we can to help.
  • Honesty – We will always provide you with honest answers and information about our program.
  • Transparency – We will explain in-detail,  your insurance coverage or how your self-pay program will work.
  • Helpfulness – We understand this can be a difficult time and you can lean on us. We’ll be there 24 hours a day to answer questions and help anyway we can.

1. Contact Us

We understand that sometimes seeking treatment can be a very emotional and confusing time. Our goal is to serve as trusted guide for those seeking recovery and their loved ones.

When you reach out to Immersion Recovery, whether by form, chat or call, you will be instantly connected to one of our Treatment Advisors. Every one of our Treatment Advisor team members are in recovery themselves or have helped a loved on through the process. We understand exactly what you are going through and are ready to help make the process of receiving treatment simple and straightforward.

Immersion Recovery Center is among the few treatments centers in the United States that infuses a 12-step approach with clinically proven therapies. This truly immersive experience benefits body and mind and offers hope for lasting, long-term recovery by treating the roots of addiction. Although the journey may seem daunting, the only choice you need to make right now is to begin.

On initial contact we will ask some basics questions to get a better understanding of you or your loved ones situation. These would include things such as, “What type of substances are being used?”, “Has their been past treatment?”, “What are some of the goals looking to be accomplished by treatment?”, etc. This will also be the time to ask any questions you may have. We are happy to help in any way that we can, and we want to further assure our potential clients that there is absolutely no shame in reaching out for help. Our Treatment Advisor team’s mission is to provide helpful advice in an understanding and non-judgmental environment and keep strict privacy and confidentially with all our clients. If it seems like Immersion Recovery is a good fit for you or your loved one we would then move to the Pre-Assessment stage.

2. Pre-Assessment

Our Treatment Advisors will provide a complementary in-depth pre-assessment for you or your loved one to understand their substance use disorder and offer the best possible path to move forward.

We offer a pre-admission clinical assessment for any individual who is considering treatment with Immersion Recovery Center. During the pre-admission phone call, our Treatment Advisors will speak with the prospective client to learn more their needs and make sure that Immersion Recovery is the absolute best fit for them. The Treatment Advisor will ask questions about:

  • The client’s history of substance use
  • Family history
  • Physical and psychological health history
  • Current medications
  • History of treatment

Once the pre-assessment is complete it is sent to our medical and clinical teams to review and begin crafting a customized treatment plan. In the next stage. the Treatment Advisor will help with insurance verification and treatment cost questions.

3. Insurance & Cost

Don’t let this part scare you. Many times health insurance will cover the full cost of treatment. For those without insurance we also over self-pay options including payment plans and zero-interest financing.

We Accept Insurance

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 693-1604 with any questions regarding insurance. We know it can be confusing, and we’re here to help you understand your insurance benefits. As an insurance-friendly recovery center, we accept most major health insurance plans. At Immersion Recovery Center our goal is to make the admissions process compassionate and pain-free. When calling, be prepared to share the following:

  • Client’s full name and date of birth
  • Name of insurance provider
  • Member ID or policy number
  • Type of plan

We will contact your insurance provider to learn more about your benefits and how you are covered. Our Treatment Advisors will share all your insurance benefit information with you in simple language so you can understand exactly what your coverage includes. We take patient confidentiality seriously and adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Self Pay Options

If you aren’t currently covered under insurance, there is no reason to worry. We have several different options available for you, we will work with you to find the best way to help you move forward. Click here to view our self pay options.

Immersion Recovery Center accepts most major private insurance providers, including:

We Accept Most Health Insurance

Insurance may cover 100% of treatment costs*.

Verify your insurance now Click here

4. Admission

We will help get you to our facility, complete the intake and get settled-in.

The first step is getting to our facility. If you or your loved one is not in stable condition to transport themselves, don’t worry – we can help. Our Treatment Advisors will schedule transport from one of our drivers. We can assist clients coordinating travel and provide local transport services. Sober escort services are also available. Please note that the cost of transportation services, such as airfare, are the financial responsibility of our clients.

Once at our facility clients are welcomed by our intake and medical team. All clients are given a full medical evaluation and are able to discuss and review their treatment plan. They are then given a tour of the facility and helped unpack and settle into their suite. Clients are then free to relax, head to the cafe, hang out in the lounge or just get some rest.

We are committed to helping you or your loved ones get through the recovery process. The hardest part is taking the first step and asking for help. Once you have made contact we will do everything we can to make sure detoxification is safe & pain-free. Our professional team of trained medical advisers and technicians are all here to work with you and give you the tools to begin your recovery.