Therapeutic Methods
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

At Immersion Recovery Center we utilize a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic methods, including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) originally developed to help people struggling with persistent negative emotions and related behavioral patterns. DBT teaches techniques such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. The main goals of DBT are to help clients learn to live in the present moment, improve their relationships and stabilize their emotions.

During active addiction we spend most of our time regretting the past and dreading the future; we essentially forget how to live in the present moment. Even if we could, why would we want to? Our interpersonal relationships suffer dramatically. We push our close friends and family members as far away as we possibly can. Our emotional health flies out the window entirely. Our moods are dictated by the chemical substances we keep pumping into our bodies.

When we get sober, all of these functions are out of whack. Therapeutic methods like DBT help us start functioning effectively again. We relearn vital skills we might have forgotten, and pick up a range of new coping mechanisms. At Immersion Recovery Center we provide each and every one of our clients with an effective program of addiction recovery that combines evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT, 12-Step recovery and holistic treatments. To learn more, contact us today.

The History & Application of DBT

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was first founded in the late 1970s by Dr. Marsha Linehan. It was the first psychotherapy to formally incorporate mindfulness techniques. DBT aimed to balance cognitive therapeutic approaches with humanism and dialectics, and was originally developed to help people of all ages and personal backgrounds overcome suicidal ideation through open communication and an improvement of interpersonal relationships. The humanistic approach to therapy emphasizes the importance of personal authenticity and is largely based on the principle that everyone views the world in their own unique way. Linehan believed that if her patients could learn to effectively regulate their emotions while bolstering meaningful relationships with others, and alter their personal views of the world around them, they would ultimately feel less depressed and be less inclined to attempt suicide. The therapeutic method was highly successful, and over time it was implemented to treat a broader range of issues including other mental illnesses and behavioral issues like substance abuse and dependence.

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About DBT

This evidence-based psychotherapeutic approach can be implemented in an individual and group therapy setting. At Immersion Recovery Center we offer individual therapy sessions as frequently as possible (at least once every week) and group therapy sessions on a daily basis. There are several key techniques that set DBT apart from other therapeutic techniques.

DBT Immersion Recovery Center

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Techniques:

  • Distress Tolerance – This technique helps clients navigate high-stress situations with a variety of effective coping mechanisms including self-soothing, distraction, improving the present moment and running through a list of pros and cons.
  • Core MindfulnessMindfulness techniques teach clients to live in the present moment and stay grounded. Clients learn to use all five of their senses to tune into what’s around them while slowing down their breathing and avoiding impulsive and self-destructive behaviors.
  • Emotional Regulation – Clients learn to navigate uncomfortable emotions. Rather than reacting to a situation, they learn to slow down and process their current circumstances. Learning to cope with intense and uncomfortable emotions, acknowledging that they are valid but temporary, ultimately helps clients avoid future relapse.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – This technique helps clients adequately express their needs in interpersonal relationships in a calm and productive manner. They learn to set healthy boundaries and listen more actively.

If you would like to learn more about DBT or the other therapies we incorporate into our integrated addiction treatment program, contact us today.

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Benefits of DBT

  • Clients learn a variety of beneficial strategies geared towards helping them better accept their current circumstances.
  • Clients learn to make positive behavioral changes without being prompted to do so.
  • Clients learn to analyze self-destructive behavior patterns and start making positive choices that better benefit them and their loved ones.
  • Clients learn to effectively communicate their needs and feelings, and work collaboratively with others in a healthy and productive way.
  • Clients learn to recognize their personal strengths, developing a vital sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Clients develop a set of healthy coping mechanisms that help them work through difficult emotions and ultimately avoid relapse.

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Other Therapeutic Methods We Utilize:

In Addition to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy We Offer:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Also known as CBT, this therapeutic method is geared towards altering the ways in which people think, ultimately relapsing unhealthy and self-destructive thinking patterns with positive patterns of thought that have a positive impact on behavior. CBT focuses on addressing current circumstances rather than the ways in which the past has impacted the present.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and ReprocessingEMDR was initially developed for people struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This therapeutic method addresses the symptoms of unresolved trauma, which can include emotional impulsivity, hypersensitivity, hypervigilance, persistent anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, self-destructive behaviors and depression. These emotions, which deeply affect the individual’s current relationships and ability to live joyously, are a direct result of disturbing memories that were never adequately processed. This model utilizes a technique that helps individuals process memories on an emotional and factual level. Once these memories are processed, the symptoms of PTSD usually resolve.
  • Holistic Therapies – At Immersion Recovery Center we provide our clients with a range of proven holistic approaches to recovery, including yoga therapy, acupuncture therapy, nutrition therapy and mindfulness meditation.
  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy – In addition to offering individual therapy sessions at least once every week and group therapy sessions on a daily basis, we offer family therapy sessions geared towards healing damaged family dynamics.

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    Immersion Recovery Center is one of the only true 12 Step Immersion programs in the country. However, in addition to an intensive focus on the 12 Steps and their associated principles, we provide each and every one of our clients with a whole-person approach to recovery which also includes a range of evidence-based therapies and holistic methods of healing. We believe with the right set of coping mechanisms in place it is entirely possible for anyone to overcome addiction and go on to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. In order to make our recovery program as accessible as possible we have developed an admissions process that is simple and straightforward. The moment you or your loved one makes the decision to reach out we begin developing a viable plan of action. We conduct a brief pre-assessment to ensure our program is an ideal fit, we offer a free, no obligation health insurance benefit check and we arrange local transportation to our Southern Florida facility. At Immersion Recovery Center we offer medical detox services, residential inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment. Our multi-phased recovery program is individualized and effective. The only step you need to take is reaching out for help, and we will walk you through every single step of the early recovery process from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more.

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