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Individual Therapy

When you enter into our comprehensive and multi-phased recovery program you are assigned an individual therapist. This therapist supervises for the entirety of your personal case and works closely alongside your case manager to develop a unique treatment plan complete with individualized treatment goals tailored to you. At least once a week you meet with your therapist for a private one-on-one session during which you discuss your personal progress, any concerns or questions that may arise and your personal history with substance abuse. Your individual therapist helps you identify potential relapse triggers while helping you develop the skills necessary to maintain sobriety for years to come.

Each of our licensed and experienced therapists has extensive experience utilizing a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) and many others. It is important that a combination of group and individual therapy sessions are attended by each client, because both types of therapy offer a unique set of benefits. In group therapy sessions, clients practice effective communication skills and learn to relate to a group of like-minded men or women. They develop healthy bonds and build self-esteem as they learn how to offer insightful and beneficial advice to their peers. In individual therapy, clients work through issues that are unique to them. They examine how their past experiences affected the development of substance abuse, and they further develop positive coping mechanisms in a safe and supportive environment. During individual therapy clients address their justification of drug or alcohol abuse and learn how harmful self-destructive behaviors actually are. Some work through unresolved trauma.

No matter what your specific needs, we are available to help. Individual therapy sessions provide a safe space in which to open up emotionally, and we guarantee that our therapists treat each individual client with the compassion and respect that he or she undeniably deserves.

We help you to rebuild your life through the principles of:

  • Restoring a healthy dynamic in your family
  • Healing broken relationships in your family
  • Interactive therapy sessions with family members
  • Dedicated family programs during recovery

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Why Individual Therapy is Important

Individual therapy is referred to by a number of different names, including psychotherapy, talk therapy, one-on-one therapy and counseling. While this method of therapeutic intervention goes by many different names, it always provides the client with a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which to emotionally open up and explore him or herself while working towards comprehensive healing. Sitting down with someone who has years of experience helping people work through the most difficult of personal issues allows for unique insight and an unbiased opinion.

Individual therapy helps clients with a number of issues and potential roadblocks, including:

  • Identifying self-destructive behavioral patterns – Addiction is a self-destructive disease, and those that suffer from addiction for any period of time have undeniably experienced their fair share of self-destruction. However, identifying these patterns without help often proves impossible. Our therapists work with clients to identify behavioral patterns that no longer serve them and teach them to replace these detrimental patterns with healthy and self-serving ones. It is important to note that self-destructive behaviors might center around addiction, but they can be far-reaching. They can include how the client conducts him or herself in relationships, a lack of motivation or an unwillingness to try new things.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

  • Developing a fresh insight and point of view – Over time, negative ways of thinking and of processing emotions start to develop. Those suffering from active addiction lose their sense of self, judge themselves harshly and fall victim to psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Individual therapy gives our clients a fresh point of view. They are able to reverse self-criticism and recognize that they are doing the best that they can. In our individualized therapy program our clients are able to work through negative ways of thinking by talking about them openly in a safe environment. While clients may be used to speaking about their issues with the same group of friends or the same relatives, speaking about those issues with a licensed (and completely unbiased) therapist provides a fresh insight and point of view.
  • Improving interpersonal relationships – Addiction is a disease of all-consuming, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. It is impossible to maintain healthy relationships while actively consumed by an addictive disorder. Addiction is also a disease of isolation. In many cases sufferers of addiction do not want to drag others down with them so they will begin to isolate and push their loved ones away. Those who suffer from addiction feel a wide range of emotions such as guilt, shame, anger and resentment – all of these emotions work together to isolate the individual. In individual therapy our clients begin improving their interpersonal relationships. They take a look at their own part in the grand scheme and work through familial trauma and broken relationships in family therapy.
  • Building self-esteem and beginning to feel personally empowered – One of the biggest benefits clients experience is the ability to take back control over their own lives. At Immersion Recovery Center we put emphasis on building self-esteem because we understand how vital developing a sense of self-worth is to long-term sobriety. Learning to work through negative emotions builds self-esteem because it helps clients understand that they have the power – inside of themselves – to get through the most difficult times. There is also a sense of empowerment that goes hand-in-hand with self-actualization and personal growth and development. With our help in individualized therapy, clients take back control of their lives and start dictating what goals they set and achieve.

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  • Developing crucial coping skills and important life skills – Coping skills do not come naturally to those who have been grappling with a severe substance abuse disorder for any period of time. At Immersion Recovery Center we believe that long-term sobriety cannot be achieved unless healthy coping mechanisms are in place. It is the job of the individual therapist to help instill these skills, and instruct clients how to implement them in day to day life. Our clients return to therapy each week to discuss how they implemented the skills they learned in therapy and the triumphs and struggles they experienced during the time in between sessions. Individual therapists also help clients identify potential relapse triggers and develop crucial relapse prevention techniques.
  • Working through unresolved trauma – At Immersion Recovery Center all of our individual therapists have extensive experience in the treatment of unresolved trauma – a major contributing factor in many (if not most) cases of addiction. Our therapists help clients work through traumatic experiences of all kinds, with our clients ultimately coming out the other side as healthy and whole men and women. Trauma recovery is a major component of our dual diagnosis treatment program. Our therapists are trained in childhood trauma, sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and many more trauma-related disorders and specific types of traumatic experience.
  • Developing a comprehensive aftercare plan – Aftercare is a crucial component of Immersion’s multi-phased recovery process. Our individual therapists take the progress of each individual client into careful consideration while closely monitoring persistent challenges. Ultimately, our individual therapists work closely with case managers and other staff members in developing personalized aftercare plans for each individual client.

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Our Comprehensive Treatment Approach

At Immersion Recovery Center we utilize a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment and individual therapy is a vital component of our approach. A major part of our belief in highly personalized care is regular one-on-one therapy sessions, which have proven extremely effective as part of a more integrated recovery program. To learn more about individual therapy and its benefits as part of our unique, multi-phased program, give us a call and speak to one of our Treatment Advisors today.