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Addiction Therapy

At Immersion Recovery Center, we offer a wide variety of proven therapeutic services that are carefully combined to fit the personal needs and requirements of each individual client. We know that addiction therapy is never a one-size-fits-all process, and that different individuals will require different combinations of services based on numerous factors, including personal history and the presence of underlying, co-occurring disorders. We offer proven, traditional methods of addiction therapy in conjunction with effective holistic methods, making for a well-rounded, thorough and personalized recovery program.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a far-reaching disease, one that emotionally and mentally devastates everyone involved – including the family members of the addicted individual. The ways in which the family functions as a unit are severely compromised, and dysfunction will inevitably take hold. We believe that in order for long-term recovery to be achieved, the family dynamic must be effectively mended. Our family therapy program is geared towards helping family members heal and grow alongside their loved one, and changing the ways in which family members interact with one another. Involving close family members in the recovery process has been proven to lead to better long-term treatment outcomes.

At Immersion Recovery Center, we put a strong emphasis on family involvement. Not only does our Family Therapy program help family members gain awareness and insight as to their own personal needs, but it helps prevent substance abuse and dependence from becoming generational. Addiction is a hereditary disease, but if the family heals as a unit and individual members learn to interact with one another in a healthy and productive way, substance abuse will no longer be passed down from one generation to another. We offer in-person, family therapy sessions as well as ongoing support and family-oriented resources. Our staff members keep in close communication with immediate family members to update them on their loved one’s progress.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a fundamental component of every successful addiction treatment program. At Immersion Recovery Center, we have a team of licensed, experienced and compassionate therapists on staff who work closely with clients on a regular basis. Psychotherapy is utilized for a number of reasons, and can be beneficial in addressing underlying disorders in addition to substance abuse and dependence. One of the main goals of individual therapy program is helping clients identify relapse triggers, and develop healthy and effective coping and relapse prevention skills. Individual therapy sessions take place at least twice a week. Clients sit down with their assigned therapist in a one-on-one session, where individual issues are thoroughly addressed. Addiction affects everyone in different ways, and everyone will have a varying personal experience. Individual therapy allows for a more comprehensive and personalized approach to recovery.

In individual therapy sessions, clients explore the unique hurdles they face in early recovery and work through relapse triggers and psychological cravings. Individual therapy is also extremely beneficial for clients who are simultaneously struggling with a mental health condition like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Individual therapy is part of our dual diagnosis treatment program (as well as our standard addiction treatment program). Two of the therapeutic methods we most commonly employ include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). CBT focuses on how thoughts, feelings and behavior are all interconnected, and DBT focuses on the development of coping skills that will help combat self-destructive behavioral patterns and severely harmful emotions.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is another fundamental component of successful addiction treatment. At Immersion Recovery Center, group therapy sessions are held on a daily basis. In our group therapy program, numerous recovery-related topics are addressed, and a collective conversation is facilitated by one of our licensed group therapists. During these conversations clients have the ability to offer one another support and insight, and relate to one another on a deep and honest level. Working through issues that arise in a safe and supportive group setting not only fosters feelings of community and belonging, but it allows clients to work on effective communications skills while forming lasting bonds with one another.

Lifeskills Training

Those who have suffered at the hands of addiction understand firsthand how all-consuming the disease can be. Active addiction strips men and women of their ability to adequately function; to successfully interact with the world around them. At Immersion Recovery Center, we emphasize the development of and implementation of vital day-to-day skills in our Lifeskills Training program. Some of the skills we focus on are effective communication, setting and maintaining healthy personal boundaries, vocational training, financial guidance and advisement, the development of and adherence to a structured daily routine and basic skills related to self-sufficiency. We teach clients how to become independent in many ways while simultaneously relying on the support of others when needed.

Yoga Therapy

Our Yoga Therapy program is an important part of our comprehensive holistic recovery program. Clients are either transported to off-site yoga classes at a local studio or a licensed instructor visits the residence, conducting a mindfulness-focused class during which clients can process and self-reflect. There are numerous benefits involved in yoga therapy, including improved physical health and stamina, improved self-esteem, improved mental and emotional health and the development of a beneficial daily routine. It has been repeatedly proven that individuals in early recovery who participate in a yoga practice several times per week have lower rates of relapse and an increased chance of maintaining fulfilled, long-term sobriety.

Nutrition Therapy

Eating healthy and nutritious meals not only speeds up the physical recovery process, but a balanced diet has been linked to the avoidance of certain relapse triggers. In early recovery, many individuals mistake hunger for drug or alcohol cravings. Ensuring that our clients are getting adequate nutrition and that they are always well-fed is one of our top priorities. On-site nutritional counselors teach our clients how to prepare nutritious meals for themselves in our Nutrition Therapy program, ensuring that they are able to take care of themselves as soon as they transition back into fully independent living. We accompany our clients to the grocery store, allotting them a specific budget and helping them make healthy choices when it comes to ingredients and meal preparation.

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Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is the main goal of every addiction treatment program – at Immersion Recovery Center, we thoroughly believe that your first treatment program should be your last. We teach our clients how to identify their personal relapse triggers and work through triggers and cravings in an efficient and effective way. We teach our clients how to ask for help when help is needed, and what people, places and things they should actively avoid. We also offer continuous relapse prevention training in our comprehensive aftercare program.

12-Step Immersion

At Immersion Recovery Center we believe addiction is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. It is our belief that the book of Alcoholics Anonymous provides the most effective and well-rounded approach to addressing each of these components. Backed by the experiences of millions of alcoholics and addicts now living in freedom from their disease, we immerse our clients into a proven 12-step philosophy that can produce inward spiritual transformation. Our 12-step immersion philosophy, combined with our holistic and clinical approach, will teach the necessary skills for life long recovery.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Immersion’s clinical team is guided by the framework of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and it’s congruence with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). At Immersion Recovery Center we believe that everyone is capable of recovery, regardless of how severe the addiction and it’s consequences have been. This recovery is based on the fundamental challenging of each client’s thoughts and feelings as it relates to drugs and alcohol, trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and other clinical issues that arise with each client.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Both men’s issues and women’s issues are addressed in a gender-specific setting. It has been proven that addiction recovery is the most effective when members of the opposite sex are separated. At Immersion Recovery Center, we understand that men and women undergo experiences that are unique to their gender, and therefore gender-specific treatment is both appropriate and necessary. For example, women who have undergone sexual assault or trauma feel significantly more comfortable opening up about their experiences in a female-specific setting. Men who have grown up in male-dominated households where they learned to stifle their emotions and remained closed off undeniably feel more comfortable expressing these sentiments among other men who are able to relate and understand.

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