Therapeutic Methods
Motivational Interviewing (MI)

At Immersion Recovery Center we utilize a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic methods, including Motivational Interviewing (also known as MI). When MI is used in the realm of substance abuse treatment it is a collaborative effort between a client and their primary therapist, during which the client resolves any ambivalence they might feel toward recovery and works on developing a solid sense of self-motivation.

Many people who enter into a program of addiction treatment enter resistantly, sometimes at the urging of a loved one, and lack the initial self-motivation necessary to make healthy, self-beneficial choices. MI helps them to recognize the benefits of recovery and make better choices on their own accord.

In addition to MI, Immersion utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and other evidence-based therapeutic methods appropriate for each individual. This powerful combination helps clients to rewrite their negative thinking patterns, heal past emotional wounds, improve their relationships and free themselves from addictive behaviors. To learn more about Immersion Recovery Center and our therapeutic addiction recovery program, contact us today.

How Does Motivational Interviewing Work?

It isn’t uncommon for people who enter into a program of addiction treatment to experience some degree of uncertainty. They might feel willing to get sober, but simultaneously feel unsure as to whether they have what it takes to stay sober long-term. The goal of motivational interviewing is to resolve these mixed feelings and help individuals feel confident in their recovery path forward. There are several key concepts behind this effective therapeutic method.

Motivational Interviewing Key Concepts:

  • Collaboration – Rather than confronting a client directly on what changes should be made, the therapist and the client work together to uncover personal treatment goals while developing a viable plan of action. Collaboration allows the client and therapist to build rapport over time and empowers the client to continue making positive choices even when therapy concludes. The goal is to teach the client how to think through their decisions and make better choices, rather than directing them.
  • Evocation – Motivational interviewing stands by the belief that the desire to make positive changes must come from within. It is the role of the therapist to evoke the desire to change rather than impose their own opinions. Over time the client develops the self-motivation necessary to continue making positive choices and engaging in self-beneficial behaviors.
  • Autonomy – Traditional therapeutic models emphasize the therapist as an authoritative figure; someone that holds a great deal of knowledge and uses this knowledge to confront and instruct. Motivational interviewing focuses on autonomy. The client learns that they already possess the power needed to make positive changes within their own lives, it’s just a matter of tapping into that power.

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Principles Behind Motivational Interviewing

There are four important principles behind motivational interviewing. The ways in which these principles are implemented depends on the unique needs of each individual client. However, each of these principles is touched on at some point during the therapeutic process.

Motivational interviewing therapy

The Principles of Motivational Interviewing:

  • Empathy – During therapeutic sessions the therapist expresses understanding through the implementation of several skills, including reiterating what has been covered in the session, drawing parallels between topics and asking thought-provoking questions based on what has been shared. The traditional authoritative role of the therapist is abandoned, and the focus shifts from instruction to collaboration.
  • Discrepancy – The idea behind motivational interviewing is once a client recognizes the differences between where they currently are and where they want to go, they will be able to establish their personal goals more effectively. At Immersion Recovery Center we help our clients map out their personal treatment and recovery goals in a supportive environment. We ensure they feel confident in their own decision-making skills before treatment concludes.
  • Reframing – When clients enter into our treatment program they often have a very inflexible perception of the way things are and the way things should be. It is not uncommon for people who struggle with addiction to feel as if they’re a victim of their circumstances. They neglect to see where they are not owning their own power. We teach our clients that they are solely responsible for the outcome of their lives. Although they are not responsible for having the disease of addiction, they are responsible for their continued recovery. Our therapists empower our clients to see where they can exercise their power of choice.

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Benefits of Motivational Interviewing

As is always the case when it comes to therapy, the amount each client takes away from motivational interviewing depends on the amount of effort they put in to each session. Some clients benefit immensely from this specific technique, while others reap more reward from CBT or DBT. Immersion’s variety of therapeutic methods allows each individual to learn the techniques that work best for them. Motivational interviewing, however, has potential benefits for all.

The Benefits of MI Include:

  • Helping clients build an important sense of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Teaching clients how to take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of those actions
  • Significantly reducing the risk of relapse
  • Helping clients become more receptive to the remainder of the treatment process and to other forms of therapy
  • Motivating clients to make healthy and self-beneficial decisions consistently
  • Helping clients communicate more effectively and work more collaboratively with others

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Additional Therapeutic Techniques

In Addition to Motivational Interviewing We Offer:

  • Cognitive Behavioral TherapyCBT has been proven to improve cognitive functioning while leading to an overall better quality of life. CBT is based on several core principles, which revolve around the impact that negative thought patterns and subsequent behavioral patterns have on the way people function and interact with the world around them.
  • Dialectical Behavior TherapyDBT is a form of CBT and was originally developed to help people struggling with persistent negative emotions and related behavioral patterns. DBT teaches techniques such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and ReprocessingEMDR was initially developed for people struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This therapeutic method addresses the symptoms of unresolved trauma, which can include emotional impulsivity, hypersensitivity, hypervigilance, persistent anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, self-destructive behaviors and depression. These emotions, which deeply affect the individual’s current relationships and ability to live joyously, are a direct result of disturbing memories that were never adequately processed. This model utilizes a technique that helps individuals process memories on an emotional and factual level. Once these memories are processed, the symptoms of PTSD usually resolve.
  • 12-Step ImmersionThe Immersion Process is a core component of our treatment program. While in treatment, clients are actively engaged in the 12-Step process. They work directly with a 12-Step mentor and their individual therapist to work the Steps. The Steps are an effective tool for self-transformation, self-forgiveness, building better relationships and establishing a spiritual connection. The 12-Step community also offers individuals a sense of peer support.

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Immersion Recovery Center combines a 12-Step approach with clinically-proven therapies like motivational interviewing. This truly immersive experience benefits body, mind and spirit while offering hope for lasting recovery by treating addiction at its roots. Although the journey might seem daunting at first, rest assured the only choice you need to make right now is to reach out. During our initial phone call we will ask several basic questions in order to get a better understanding of your personal situation. Our mission is to provide helpful advice in an empathetic, non-judgmental way, and to guide you as you navigate what can be a tricky time. We provide a free, no obligation insurance benefit check and can help arrange travel plans to our facility. Contact us today to get started.

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