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At Immersion Recovery Center we offer a wide variety of Specialty Programs, all designed to make the recovery process as comprehensive and integrated as possible. Regardless of your personal needs, we are available to help. From the very first stage of the recovery process (a professionally staged intervention) to ongoing aftercare and family support, we have your personal needs covered.

Intervention Services

Interventions are professionally staged events that are geared towards helping an addict or alcoholic seek the treatment that he or she so desperately needs. It can be challenging to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction. Addiction is a disease of denial and isolation, and those who are deep in the throes of the disease will generally not be open to seeking professional help. For the afflicted, acknowledging that there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed can be all but impossible to do. In many cases, close friends and family members gather together to express their concern in a safe, structured and supportive setting. These gatherings are facilitated by a licensed and extensively experienced interventionist, who oversees the process and helps the loved ones of the addict or alcoholic prepare for the intervention in depth. If you have a loved one who has attempted to get clean and sober but has been unable to do so or is battling a severe and life-threatening addictive disorder, an intervention is an effective and beneficial option.

Before the intervention takes place, the interventionists will help determine who is going to be a part of the event itself. It is important that the intervention is small and intimate, and only includes close friends and family members who have been directly affected by the addictive disorder. The interventionist then helps the loved ones of the addict or alcoholic write out detailed and compassionate letters that are read during the intervention. The letters outline how the addiction has affected each participant individually, and always come from a non-judgmental place of love, support and understanding. During the intervention, boundaries are set by the loved ones of the addict or alcoholic. Specific examples of detrimental and destructive behaviors are provided, and a prearranged treatment plan is presented. If treatment is not immediately accepted, the boundaries are put into place and maintained.

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At Immersion Recovery Center, we have licensed interventionists on staff who are dedicated to helping your loved one commit to treatment. We understand how hard it is to watch a loved one suffer at the hands of active addiction, and how feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness come into play. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to help your loved one commit to a path of recovery sooner rather than later. To speak with an interventionist or learn more about Immersion Recovery’s intervention program, give us a call today.

Executive Program

Our executive program caters to professionals who are in need of intensive addiction treatment but cannot take an extended step away from their high-powered careers. One of the fundamental principles of our executive program is confidentiality. We understand how important discretion is when work-related issues and addictive disorders intersect. Those who are in need of professional care but have a wide range of executive functions and work-related responsibilities that cannot be ignored can rest assured that our program is flexible and our staff members are understanding of all unique individual needs. Those in our executive program have access to private rooms with comfortable furnishings, access to computers and telephones, access to private conference rooms, far more flexibility in their day-to-day treatment programs and the privacy, seclusion and discretion they require. The unfortunate fact is that many executives do not seek the professional care they need because they are concerned about judgement at work, or because they are worried that taking the time to receive treatment will compromise (or at least negatively affect) their careers. The good news is that Immersion Recovery Center carefully considers that some have busy and time-consuming careers that cannot be ignored for any length of time, and we have developed a viable treatment option based on the needs of professionals who are struggling with active addiction.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

Our executive program was carefully developed to allow those with high-powered positions continue tending to their personal responsibilities while actively engaging in a clinical treatment program. The disease of addiction does not discriminate. In fact, men and women who have high-stress careers are even more likely to engage in substance abuse. Our executive program focuses on the development of healthy coping skills, stress reduction and relapse prevention.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Before dual diagnosis addiction treatment came to be, mental health concerns and addiction were treated in two separate facilities. Mental disorders were treated in an exclusively psychiatric setting, and addictive disorders were treated in a medical detoxification clinic and an inpatient rehab. Nowadays, the relationship between mental health and addiction is far more comprehensively understood. The two disorders are closely intertwined, and they must be treated simultaneously in order for treatment to be effective long-term. Rates of dual diagnosis disorders are extremely high. In fact, one out of every four American adults who suffers from a mental illness will simultaneously suffer from a substance abuse disorder.

At Immersion Recovery Center we provide those in need of dual diagnosis treatment with a specialized and highly personalized program. Our staff is made up of mental health professionals (licensed therapists and psychiatrists), addiction specialists, case managers and experienced and compassionate support staff. We also bring in nutrition specialists, holistic practitioners and a variety of other professionals who work together to provide the most comprehensive and effective dual diagnosis treatment available.

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Some common dual diagnosis disorders include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorders. Our team is well-versed in the treatment of all of these mental health conditions and many more. No matter what mental health concern you are struggling with, we are available to help. We treat all existing conditions in a safe and structured environment, utilizing an integrated and highly individualized continuum of clinical care.

Family Services – Family Retreat

At Immersion Recovery Center we believe that long-term, authentic healing must include the entire family. For this reason, we provide extensive family-related services, including our specialized Family Retreat. This retreat gives family members the opportunity to work through their own emotional pain and begin healing individually. Addiction is an insidious and destructive disease, one that emotionally and mentally damages everyone who is directly involved. We offer regular family therapy sessions so that family members can open up about the impact that the addictive disorder has had on their lives in a controlled and unbiased environment.

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Immersion Recovery Center Specialty Programs

Our Specialty Programs are carefully designed to provide each and every client – and his or her family – with the comprehensive care necessary to long-term healing. At Immersion Recovery Center, we focus on making every single phase of the recovery process as effective and stress-free as possible. We work with our clients and their loved ones from intervention all the way through aftercare. We believe that everyone deserves a fair and equal shot at recovery, no matter what their age, gender, professional background or personal history. To learn more about our Specialty Programs give us a call at any time.