Addiction can impact every area of a person’s life. Health, relationships, and productivity can all be negatively impacted by addiction. Committing to recovery typically concerns more than abstinence from mood and mind-altering substances. Those who enter recovery hope to regain or obtain holistic health in every facet of their life. As the above-listed areas of life are impacted negatively by addiction, these areas will also need to be addressed during the recovery process. Thankfully, treatment facilities are more aware of this need than ever before and offer a holistic approach to substance use treatment.

If you or someone that you love is in need of treatment for a life controlling addiction disorder, Guardian Recovery Network is available. Offering a quality holistic approach helps ensure that your loved one will receive the tools for a fulfilled life in recovery. Contact Guardian Recovery Network today. Our Treatment Advisors are available to answer any questions you may have to help you begin your recovery journey.

Healing the Mind & Body as a Whole in a Delray Beach, FL Treatment Program

For many decades in the past, substance use treatment focused on seeing the mind and body as two separate entities. Thankfully methodologies have shifted to a more comprehensive approach. Clinicians and facilities now realize the inseparable connection between the body and the mind of individuals in their programs.

Understanding the connection between the mind and body helps facilitate the healing process for both. The connection has been made repeatedly to show that as the mind requires healing and wholeness the body requires the same need. Mental and physical health are now seen as two sides of the same coin rather than individual issues to address. Regularly studies and research (1) point to this cornerstone of holistic health. As all areas of the individual are addressed, both the recovery speed is faster as well as the quality of long-term recovery.

Integrating Alternative Therapies in Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment

As the benefits of holistic treatment modalities emerge, so do their application for substance use treatment. Now, more than ever, clinicians are integrating holistic treatment approaches to their substance use programs. Though various schools of thought and traditional approaches to treatment disagree with the importance of some holistic treatment activities, many are realizing the measurable benefit that they provide.

As the mind of someone in substance use treatment begins to adopt new ways of coping and processing, it is important that the body does the same. New habits begin to form in both the mind and body leaving the individual to receive an overall improved quality of life.

Nutrition & Exercise & Their Role in Holistic Addiction Recovery

A key aspect of the holistic approach is the role of health and nutrition. Just as a motor with low quality fuel will not function properly, the body responds in much the same way. As more nutritional food is introduced, many will begin to see just how impactful this can be on physical health as well as mental health areas like mood and sleep. (2)


Similar to nutrition choices, movement and exercise also have far reaching effects on the overall physical and mental health of an individual. As physical health from exercise is increased, energy levels, motivation, and self esteem rise as well. Each of these factors plays a major role in long term health and recovery. Exercise is also shown to release similar brain chemicals to those released by substance use.

Aside from the initial benefits of proper diet and exercise, these facets of treatment are intended to establish long term habits. These mental shifts to alternative methods for approaching daily life are the foundational building blocks for long term success in recovery. Habits that are developed while in treatment are meant to carry the participant throughout their life.

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How Meditation & Mindfulness Can Aid in Finding Inner Peace

Another powerful tool for holistic health is meditation. Though the term meditation carries a multitude of meanings, there are some primary elements throughout. Forms of meditation involve calm, quiet, relaxation, and mental focus. Each of these elements can provide major benefits to those in recovery. Addiction lifestyles are often filled with racing thoughts, impulsive decisions, and chaotic surroundings. Meditation practices encourage both the mind and body to develop new ways for approaching daily life. Meditation practices have also been linked to stress reduction (3) which can carry significant health benefits by itself.

The Effectiveness of Art & Music Therapy

The power of utilizing the arts in substance use treatment settings is another beneficial tool. Artistic endeavors like painting, music, dance, or even creative writing can help ignite parts of the brain that verbal processing does not. Having a creative outlet may be a better form of expression for many in treatment and these activities help facilitate this.

Music, especially, can quickly bring back associated memories. Many of these memories and emotions are tied in with drugs or alcohol for someone participating in treatment. Addressing these powerful mental triggers while in the safe environment of a treatment facility can prove beneficial for replacing those memories and emotions with healthier alternatives.

Healing Through Nature Utilizing Outdoor Activities

Often associated with its calming effects, utilizing nature and outdoor activities as a holistic activity is a great way to develop mental and physical health. Whether it is a coping mechanism for stress or a way to connect with a higher power, outdoor activities in nature serve a multitude of healing purposes.

Holistic Approaches to Relapse Prevention

One of the important aspects of holistic healing is that it consists of activities meant to be continued after treatment. Treatment is for the purpose of beginning to develop mental and physical health habits that will open the door to a new way of life. Holistic healing methods can be turned into daily practices that replace old unhealthy methods of thinking and living.

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Focusing on Healing Trauma & Its Connection to Recovery

An important element of progressing forward in recovery is dealing with the past. Often trauma is intertwined with the addictive lifestyle either as a cause or a result. Holistic healing methods address this past trauma by understanding that much like the trauma itself, it impacts the whole person.

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Finding Meaning, Connection, & Purpose Through Spirituality in Holistic Addiction Treatment

Overall improvement in the quality of life is the main objective for recovery. Part of establishing this well being shift is finding meaning and purpose. Aside from mental and physical health, many find that addressing and improving their spiritual health brings about massive benefits to their overall sense of joy, peace, and health throughout their recovery journey.

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