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Welcome to Immersion Recovery Center, where you can leave the destruction of addiction to embrace a life of spiritual, mental and physical well-being. In some cases, admission to our highly successful recovery program begins with safe and medically supervised detox. The Immersion team knows it can be scary to surrender your chemical dependency and step into detox, so we keep you informed, secure and comfortable every step of the way.

Stabilizing and cleansing your body is the gateway to healing from addiction and the first step to freedom from the chains of drugs and alcohol. Here in the sanctuary of our new and luxurious four-story treatment retreat, our credentialed team offers the therapeutic and medical support you need to detox from the most challenging substances and begin the inspired pursuit of sobriety.

Features of Our South Florida Detox Center

Medically-managed detox is the safest way to quit using; you should not attempt to detox at home. Depending on the type of substance and your addiction severity, our clinical team carefully uses pharmaceuticals to minimize withdrawal symptoms and ease you into detoxification. Here, you are treated with dignity, care and kindness as you are wrapped in the benefits of our peaceful South Florida facility. Features include:

  • Supervision from the area’s best therapists, nurses & physicians
  • Luxurious living areas, bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Outdoor activitives
  • Community living areas & recreation room
  • Nutritious, classical chef-prepared meals
  • Time-tested 12-step approach to recovery

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12-Step Immersion Recovery Process

At Immersion Recovery Center, many of our staff members have been where you are: staring down a road of hopelessness and pain. We understand the weight of the feelings that burden you during the brokenness of addiction, and we desire to be the total solution. Beginning with detox and carrying through subsequent stages of your recovery, we infuse daily mind, body and spirit practices into your treatment plan. Blending AA’s proven 12 steps with clinically dynamic modalities and alternative therapies, we assure that your recovery experience meets your individual needs.

Our stimulating South Florida 12-step immersion program is one of the only programs of its kind. As you enter detox and proceed through treatment, you will begin recreating your life through the guiding 12-step principles. This fusion approach allows your body to heal from substance abuse while producing inward spiritual transformation and teaching you skills for sustained recovery.

Your Future Begins at Our South Florida Medical Detox

At our South Florida 12-step treatment center, Immersion desires to rescue you from a devastating cycle of addiction and relapse. Walking hand-in-hand through our immersive program, clients internalize 12-step spirituality and embrace a paradigm-changing approach to recovery. Immersion’s passion, dedication and competence cannot be replicated—and our commitment to you cannot be understated.

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When the future seems dim and uncertain, step into the light with Immersion Recovery Center. Inquire about detox insurance benefits by calling (888) 693-1604 or submitting a confidential online request. Our trained professional will advocate for you and open the door to abundant, substance-free life.

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