What is Partial Hospitalization (PHP)?

A Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP, is a strictly structured therapeutic program that takes place during the day. Clients return to a home living space once the full day of treatment is complete – this is what separates PHP from inpatient treatment. PHP clients participate in group therapy, individual therapy and intensive skills building programs, all designed to collectively help facilitate healing and prepare individuals for a return to fully independent living. In the majority of cases PHP programs are held from Monday to Friday for at least six full hours. PHP is an ideal option for those who have recently completed an inpatient treatment program and still require a more intensive level of care than intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) can provide. Partial Hospitalization is also ideal for individuals who have recently gone through the medical detoxification process and are looking for an intensive level of addiction treatment with slightly more personal freedom. This is generally only an option for men and women who have been suffering from a mild to moderate addictive disorder – those struggling with severe addictive disorders will likely need a higher level of care, such as residential treatment. At Immersion Recovery Center our PHP program provides clients with a high level of clinical care and allows them to return to their own homes and live independently on nights and weekends. Of course, support is available around the clock – if a client finds him or herself in a precarious position when PHP is not in session, professional help through Immersion is still be accessible. Our main priority is helping those new to recovery maintain sobriety and eventually transition into independent, functional living.

PHP Goals – Immersion Recovery Center

Just like every phase of the recovery process, the goals associated with PHP – the second phase in our overall treatment program – varies on a person-to-person basis. Some of the treatment goals that stay consistent across the board are:

  • Identifying all potential barriers that might compromise long-term sobriety. As is the case with all treatment programs, the main goal is paving the road for lifelong recovery. In PHP, all remaining barriers are thoroughly addressed and worked through.
  • The continuous building and bolstering of relapse prevention skills. Once barriers are identified, relapse prevention skills continue to be instilled and implemented. It is crucial that before moving onto the third phase of recovery clients know how to process and cope with potential triggers.
  • Identifying and managing stressors. Early recovery can be a somewhat tumultuous time – especially if clients are not properly dealing with the stressful situations that are bound to arise on occasion. Our PHP clients have the opportunity to work through stressors in a group setting and in individual therapy. Once they learn ways to effectively manage stress they are able to apply what they have learned in a real-life setting (once they return home in the evenings).

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  • Ensuring that clients begin implementing sound judgment when it comes to their additional personal freedoms. If it is proven that clients are not exercising healthy behaviors when they return home, they may be required to enter into a more intensive level of care. Our team of licensed therapists and addiction specialists closely monitor progress and keep an eye out for self-destructive behaviors.
  • Progress within family interactions. One of the benefits of returning home each evening is that clients are able to begin working on the practical application of communication skills and positive interactions with their family. They are then able to work towards healing interpersonal relationships and can address any issues that may arise at home in a group session or individual session the following day.

What is Addressed in PHP?

At Immersion Recovery Center, our Partial Hospitalization Program will focus on addressing several important components of long-term recovery.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Include

PHP Addresses:

  • Self-destructive behavioral patterns. All destructive patterns are identified and thoroughly explored. At the end of the PHP process, negative behavioral patterns will have been reversed and replaced by healthy and positive behaviors – behaviors that are conducive to long-term sobriety.
  • The development of a 12-month plan. Therapists, counselors and case managers work together to develop a viable and highly personalized recovery plan. This plan includes aftercare (which often focuses on continued therapy, 12 step program involvement and sober living housing), vocational or educational plans, and an eventual transition back into fully independent living.
  • One of the main benefits of PHP is the ability for clients to work through outside stressors in a therapeutic setting. Our PHP Clients are introduced to the stressors that go hand-in-hand with early recovery and personal freedom, and they will apply related stress-management techniques. Our clients are then able to report their struggles and successes to a group of their peers, who are able to offer their own insight. These interactions help bolster healthy communication and foster meaningful relationships.
  • 12 step program involvement. At Immersion Recovery Center we believe in the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs, and we require our PHP clients to remain actively involved. While in PHP we require our clients to attend meetings on a daily basis, find a sponsor and work through steps 1-7 over the course of their time with us. We discuss the benefits of 12 step programs in-depth in our group therapy sessions.

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The Length of PHP Phase of Recovery

As is the case with every other phase of addiction recovery, the length of PHP is determined by each client’s personal progress in treatment. In the vast majority of cases, clients will stay in Partial Hospitalization for at least 30 days. However, many clients will stay for 60 days or longer depending on personal needs and requirements. The duration of the second phase of clinical care depends on what our team of clinical professionals deems appropriate on a case-by-case basis. If a client shows immense progress and continuously makes healthy and positive choices after returning home, the duration of this phase is shorter – if a client is struggling with independent living and is still making self-destructive choices the duration of this phase will, of course, be longer.

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Immersion Recovery Center – Our PHP Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is a step down from inpatient treatment and a step up from IOP. This phase of treatment is still intensive yet allows clients to continue working on and developing the skills they need to maintain long-term recovery. The unfortunate reality is that many individuals who have struggled with addiction have undergone multiple treatment episodes, followed by short-lived periods of abstinence. It is important to note that there is a significant distinction between abstinence and recovery. In our PHP program clients work towards identifying past relapse triggers and stressors, and develop the coping mechanisms they need to overcome such adversities in the future. We work to ensure that no one individual is transitioning to the next phase of care before he or she is fully prepared. Moving from intensive care back into independent living prematurely is a major cause of relapse. At Immersion Recovery Center we believe that our recovery program should and can be the last recovery program that an individual ever completes. Long-term recovery is possible with the quality clinical care we give at Immersion Recovery Center.

If you have any additional questions regarding our PHP program, reach out to us today and talk to one of our Addiction Treatment Advisors.