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Addiction treatment does not simply come to a screeching halt once inpatient care comes to an end. Aftercare is an essential part of every successful recovery program. Aftercare refers to the ongoing clinical care that our clients receive after leaving rehab. While there are many different components of aftercare, some of the most common include continued 12 step immersion, sober living housing and continued group therapy and individual therapy (usually in an intensive outpatient or outpatient program). Developing an individualized and thorough aftercare plan allows clients to anticipate and work through potential challenges that may arise in early recovery while coming up with solutions to inevitable roadblocks. Transitioning from inpatient treatment back to fully independent living can present a unique set of challenges – fortunately, at Immersion Recovery Center we are available to walk each client through every single phase of the recovery process, from start to finish.

Although you have made the commitment to seek help and will make great strides in treatment, you are still at the beginning stages of recovery when completing the Immersion program. Making the transition from treatment back into the community can be a difficult adjustment. There is a high risk of relapse during this transitional period. The final phase of our program teaches you the skills to make sure you are prepared for this transition.

At Immersion Recovery Center, we thoroughly understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, and that continuing to develop the life skills necessary for long-term success in sobriety is a major priority. Just like the remainder of the multi-phased recovery process, the details of aftercare vary on a person-to-person basis. We work with each individual client throughout the entire recovery process, offering in-depth and personalized care and paying close attention to his or her unique needs and requirements. Every aftercare program is based on what areas an individual client still needs to work on and what areas might require slightly less attention.

What is Recovery Aftercare?

A published study titled, “Substance Abuse Aftercare Treatment” defines aftercare programs as “a plan for the recovery person to to support them in early recovery, to prevent relapse and to help them toward their other life goals.” At Immersion Recovery, we focus largely on relapse prevention. So long as a client stays sober, he or she can successfully work through any obstacle that might present itself and work towards the achievement of personal goals. Transitioning out of treatment can be difficult – for some, the change of pace might be overwhelming. The risk of relapse is highest among individuals who have recently transferred from residential treatment to sober living or independent living – peak vulnerability occurs during the first several months of sobriety. Developing a detailed plan of action and actively working to hone relapse prevention skills helps prevent relapse during this vulnerable time period.

We focus on maintaining structure, support and self efficacy in these key areas:

  1.  We work with a trusted network of recovery homes in the South Florida area and beyond – Clinical staff will work with yourself and your family to facilitate aftercare placement in a facility you feel would be the most appropriate for your recovery.
  2.  Finding and maintaining employment is an important stage in early recovery – During the final phase of our program we provide a structured job skills program designed to assist you in developing a resume, cover letter, references and job placement before you leave the program.
  3.  Staying connected to our program is encouraged for Alumni – We have built a strong Alumni community in the Palm Beach area. Our Alumni meet regularly for workshops and meetings involving our clinical staff. These groups are of no cost to you and designed to keep you connected to staff, clients and the positive recovery community.

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How are aftercare plans developed? While engaged in inpatient treatment, clients work alongside our comprehensive team of therapists, counselors and physicians to develop a detailed plan that caters to all of their individual needs. One of the factors that will be considered in depth is which housing situation is the most appropriate. In the majority of cases, sober living housing is a viable next step in the overall, multi-phased treatment process. We highly recommend that while residing in a sober living house, our clients continue with our inpatient treatment (IOP) or outpatient (OP) programs. This provides ongoing clinical care, and allows clients to openly discuss any issues that may arise in a safe, supportive, therapeutic setting.

Immersion Recovery and Aftercare

While every aftercare program will look slightly different depending on the individual, there are some components of every aftercare program that remain consistent.

At Immersion Recovery Center, we encourage all of our clients to:

  • Actively continue to participate in a 12 step program of their choosing – We require our clients to attend at least one 12 step meeting every day, and remain actively engaged in their stepwork. We require our clients to find a sponsor with ample sobriety under his or her belt. At Immersion Recovery Center, 12 step immersion is the cornerstone of our multi-phased treatment program.
  • Participate in our Alumni Program – which was specially designed for those who have graduated from inpatient treatment and are looking for additional support as they continue on in their recovery journeys. Our Alumni Program keeps past clients connected through social media outlets, and we organize regular group meet-ups and recovery-friendly activities to keep our alumni engaged. We also offer a comprehensive list of resources for those in early recovery.
  • Continue with individual and group therapy in an IOP or OP setting – We offer integrated intensive outpatient and outpatient care, so that clients can continue receiving the therapeutic support they need while transitioning back into day-to-day living. In early recovery, there will be a unique set of challenges – clients will need to successfully navigate through relapse triggers and learn how to function in society once again. Allowing them to process any emotions or unexpected stressors that arise in a therapeutic group environment further bolsters coping skills and communication skills.
  • Reside in a sober living house if that is what deemed appropriate – At Immersion Recovery Center, we understand that what is appropriate for one client is not necessarily what is appropriate for another. In some cases, an individual who has recently completed inpatient treatment will need to return to his or her career or will need to resume taking care of dependents. While we do recommend sober living, and while we are in close communication with many reputable sober living homes in the area, we understand that this is not always a viable component of aftercare. Our staff members work alongside each client to determine alternative housing options.
  • Successfully integrate back into day-to-day life – We offer those who are new to recovery a variety of related services, including vocational training, continued lifeskills training and ongoing support for relapse trigger management. We understand that early recovery can be tough, and we offer all of the services needed to help clients develop a stable and unwavering foundation for a lifetime of fulfilled recovery. We also understand that many basic life skills are compromised while an individual is battling active addiction. No matter what resources our clients need, we make them accessible.

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Our Commitment to Continued Support

An article titled “Continuing Care Research: What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going” was published by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment in 2009. This article explores the effectiveness of comprehensive aftercare programs, ultimately concluding that without continued care, the risk of relapse increased significantly and many patients did not make it through the first several months of sobriety. At Immersion Recovery Center, we are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with the continued support necessary to achieving long-term sobriety. Another study, published in the International Journal of the Addictions and titled, “Aftercare in Therapeutic Communities” further confirms the effectiveness of aftercare programs in preventing relapse. The article explains that the overall recovery process can be sustained with active engagement in an individualized and detailed post-inpatient program. At Immersion Recovery Center, we whole-heartedly believe in the importance of continued care. We offer support to our clients long after they complete residential treatment, and our main priority remains seeing to the long-term sobriety of each and every one of our clients. To learn more about our integrated program of aftercare or to learn more about the recovery process as a whole, reach out to us today. Our knowledgeable staff members are standing by to help you in every way possible.

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