At Immersion Recovery, we believe true healing from drugs or alcohol requires nothing less than a “total transformation” of the mind, body, spirit and soul. We all long to be part of something larger than ourselves, so spiritual recovery is just as essential as physical and emotional recovery. Did you know that, in large part, your spirit drives your recovery? Whether you come from an agnostic, atheist, Christian or other background, a willingness to explore spirituality can help bring new and lasting change, along with hope and peace.

Though everyone’s journey will differ, common spiritual practices may include church or small group attendance, scripture reading, gratitude journaling, daily devotions and prayer — or simply enjoying fellowship with other individuals pursuing spiritual wellness. At Immersion Recovery, we encourage you to make your faith your own, and we begin by meeting you where you are — whether you come from a spiritual background or not.

Time spent in Immersion’s 12-step program includes spiritual philosophies derived from Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book,” which helps men and women find a state of serenity that includes newly found freedom, happiness, relational healing and a fresh outlook on life.

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Benefits of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery
Research indicates that people who engage in spiritual practices are less likely to relapse into substance misuse.(1) Clients open to exploring their spirituality and including “soul care” in their daily recovery walk may also experience these benefits and more:

• Renewed purpose & meaning
• Enhanced joy & peace
• Increased ability to forgive oneself & others
• Improved emotional coping
• Reduced depression & anxiety
• Improved ability to organize one’s thoughts

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If you have been through rehab multiple times without success, spiritual care may be one of the components missing from your rehab plan. Spirituality provides a sense of connectedness to your inner self and to a higher power. Spiritual growth also encourages stewardship and service to others, which has been shown to improve well-being and enhance sobriety outcomes.

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12-Step Immersion & Spiritual Recovery Pursuits
Immersion’s starting point for a vital spiritual experience begins with you. To learn more about our 12-step immersion process and the roles that faith and soul care play in a healthy recovery, call (561) 419-3349 today. To speak with an addiction counselor about admission for relapse or a newly developed chemical dependency, fill out our confidential online form and a team member will be in touch promptly.

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    [1]: Jarusiewicz, Betty. Spirituality and Addiction: Relationship to Recovery and Relapse. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. October 2008 pg 99-109