From Treatment to Aftercare

Transitioning Recovery

Although you have made the commitment to seek help and will make great strides in treatment, you are still at the beginning stages of recovery when completing the Immersion program. Making the transition from treatment back into the community can be a difficult adjustment. There is a high risk of relapse during this transitional period. The final phase of our program teaches you the skills to make sure you are prepared for this transition.

We focus on maintaining structure, support and self efficacy in these key areas:

  • 1) We work with a trusted network of recovery homes in the area and beyond. Clinical staff will work with yourself and your family to facilitate aftercare placement in a facility you feel would be the most appropriate for your recovery.
  • 2) Finding and maintaining employment is an important stage in early recovery. During the final phase of our program we provide a structured job skills program designed to assist you in developing a resume, cover letter, references and job placement before you leave the program.
  • 3) Staying connected to our program is encouraged for Alumni. We have built a strong Alumni community in the Palm Beach area. Our Alumni get together 3 times a week for workshops and meetings involving our clinical staff. These groups are of no cost to you and designed to keep you connected to staff, clients and the positive recovery community.

Our treatment center offers an approach to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction that is extremely effective if followed closely. If you are seeking a lasting solution to turn around your life, we can help.

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