There is one facet that people considering recovery or who are new to the program often get hung up on. The concept of a “higher power” and the role that having one will play in one’s recovery. For some people, it is simply a matter of reconnecting with something they turned their back on years ago. But, had convinced themselves that their God turned its back on them, years ago. In other cases, and this might speak more to you, a connection with something greater had never been fostered. Living each day as you saw fit, witnessing self-will run riot to the point of no return—seemingly. However, those of us who have been around a while are a testament to the fact that a “return” is possible. Although, such a journey requires that one rely on something greater than yourself.

In early recovery, that “something greater” is often the fellowship. Being exposed to a group of relative strangers all committed to the common goal of recovery, can be awe-inspiring. After living for years in near total isolation, witnessing such fervent human connection can be a powerful experience. An event that can fuel your own desire to take the journey of recovery. Newcomers often place their faith in the power of the group while they wrestle with understanding a God or higher power. Which is not always an easy task, many of us have memories of a punishing God. The concept of a loving one is often difficult to conceive. Fortunately, this dilemma is not something you need to figure out overnight. Placing one’s faith in the group is great place to start. For it is the group and your sponsor who will help to guide you through the necessary Steps. Such people are not in fact Gods. Yet, the work they do with you could be considered your higher power’s work, by proxy.

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Relying On A Higher Power

Many outsiders may not believe it, but 12 Step recovery is not a religious program. Even if it appears to be dogmatic at times, there isn’t a monotheistic requirement. We can all believe in whatever we’d like, draw strength from whatever we perceive is greater than ourselves. Sure, many in the fellowship rely on the old standards, such as Jesus or Yahweh. Yet, there is no requirement to do so. The program only asks that you do not fool yourself into thinking you’re a God.

When you decided to reach for recovery it is likely that you were feeling defeated. The drugs and alcohol had done enough damage to bring you to your knees and ask for help. The fellowship was waiting for you, but it asks that you admit to yourself that you were powerless over substances. The unmanageability of your life prevented you from moving forward on your own. You needed help. Realizing that you were incapable of living life on life’s terms, you entertained the idea that something greater could guide you back to sanity. You may not know what that “something” is quite yet, but in time all will reveal itself. All that is truly required early on is belief. Ever reminding yourself that, ‘I can’t. It can. Let It.’ Or, in another sense: Let Go. When you utter such words, you are relinquishing your illusions of control. Opening up yourself to something greater.

For some, however, you may not be at a point yet to fully understand the implications of a higher power. A power that can bubble inside you when in recognition for something greater. But, with each day that passes, the mind becomes a little more clearer. Allowing one’s heart to open up to outside forces wholly beyond your control. In many cases you don’t find your higher power, it finds you. Often when you least expect it.

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Trust In the Fellowship

Whether you are still in treatment, or still in the introductory stages of recovery, all that needs be revealed will be revealed, in time. Try not to become discouraged and trust in the fellowship you see all around you. Everyone in the Rooms has been where you are, and they are there to help you. Just as they were helped.

If you are still “out there” living in addiction, maybe you are ready to take certain steps? At Immersion Recovery Center, we take pride in immersing each client in the fellowship early on. Helping to guide you through the early stages of recovery. Thus, increasing your chances of avoiding relapse after treatment. Recovery is possible, we can help.


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