If you’ve begun recovery from a substance use disorder, you’ve already taken the first step toward finding serenity. This is because when you’re in active addiction, your life is filled with chaos and dysfunction – not peace and serenity.

During recovery, on the other hand, you’ll learn about inner peace and spiritual healing – and how serenity can help bring you calm as you cope with the ups and downs of life without drugs and/or alcohol.

It’s not easy and a big part of rehab and the 12-step philosophy is learning techniques to bring you peace-of-mind and tranquility in your fight for sobriety.

3 Steps for Serenity
Here are a few strategies to consider as you strive to find serenity in recovery:

  1. Make meditation a daily habit. There are so many benefits of meditation in recovery and this includes finding serenity. Mediation can help you to find peace with your thoughts and emotions and help you better navigate any chaos in your life.
  2. Learn to live in the moment. A big part of serenity is learning to stay in the moment and find peace in yourself and your current circumstances – instead of dwelling on the past or thinking into the future. This might not come easy at first, but a bit of mindfulness practice can help. This may include visual reminders (an elastic around your wrist) to snap you back into the present or mindful breathing. Putting your focus on your inhale and exhale will help ease your frustrations and provide some space for perspective on what was bothering you.
  3. Use the 3 C’s: Learning and reminding yourself about the guiding principles called the three C’s can help you better understand and find peace with your addiction and your recovery. The three C’s to addiction recovery are: “I didn’t cause it.” “I can’t cure it.” “I can’t control it.”

At Immersion Recovery Center, we help clients find serenity through the guiding principles of the 12-step program. For more information about our 12-step immersion program and clinical services, contact us today: 561.419.3349.