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Family Outreach & Communication

Immersions Recovery Center focuses on providing services to the family in order to give you the best chance at getting better. At Immersion, we understand with proper guidance your family can be instrumental in recovery. This will require your family to work closely with a primary therapist during the intake process and throughout your stay. Staff will educate and orient your family by discussing healthy boundaries, describing the step-by- step treatment process and supporting their own recovery. We will guide your family through the process of building a healthy and effective recovery contract as a guide during your stay.

Our family services may include the following:

  • Restoring a healthy dynamic in your family
  • Healing broken relationships in your family
  • Interactive therapy sessions with family members
  • Dedicated family programs during recovery

We work with the families to develop a long-term recovery plan, which includes emergency measures to ensure a timely and meaningful response to worst-case scenarios as well as appropriate limits to the support guests receive from families. The plans offer our guests clear guidelines for how to progress in recovery and how to begin making “living amends” to their families by becoming more responsible and independent themselves.

Ending the cycle of addiction can be very difficult, but having the support of your family may help. We remain available to your family to answer questions and provide them with updates on your progress. To learn more about how we provide guidance and support to family members, get in touch with us today at 561.419.3349!

Learn more about how we provide guidance and support to family members, get in touc with us today at

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