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Client Experience

Client Experience at Immersion

After a week at Immersion, new clients usually say something like, “no one has ever shown me this before. I didn’t know what addiction or alcoholism was until now. You are the first people to show me a real solution to my problem.”

We Do Things Differently

As recovered drug addicts and alcoholics, our staff knows that recovery from addiction and alcoholism is possible for everyone. The problem is that most people don’t know how to stay clean and sober. We do. We are going to show you how.

We do this by applying the step process in a way that will be both understandable and effective for you. We begin with explaining what the illness is, weaving our own personal experiences into it. We are able to break down emotional barriers because you know we have been in your shoes. A deep connection and trust is developed very quickly. From that point we explain exactly how to use the step process to get well. The expectation for each client is that you are going to complete Step 7 by the time you leave. That is unique and that is why Immersion stands apart.

Here at Immersion we will teach and demonstrate to you the exact methods we ourselves have used to get clean and sober. It works, we’ve proved it. You or your loved one can see it in our staff, as walking evidence of our method’s effectiveness. Your job is to come here and do the work.

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Mathew P.

“God Bless Immersion”

“I was hopeless knocking at death’s door. If it were not for the staff of Immersion Recovery Center I don’t know if I would be alive today. From the moment you walk in the door, they make you feel comfortable. It’s a complete hands on approach.”

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