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At Immersion Recovery, our goal is to get you into treatment as soon as possible. This entails working closely with your insurance provider to reduce any financial concerns. CareFirst health plans make it possible for patients to receive the affordable treatment they need. Although all hope may seem lost, trust assured that recovery is possible, and it need not come with financial hardship. Verifying your CareFirst plan benefits begins with a simple phone call.

CareFirst is a licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield and insures over 3.3 million Americans, making them the largest insurer in the mid-Atlantic region. Your CareFirst plan may be branded as HealthyBlue, BlueChoice or BluePreferred. All CareFirst health plans not only cover medically necessary treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders, but may cover individual and group therapy, medications needed to assist in your recovery, and your room and meals while you receive treatment at Immersion Recovery.

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step one aaEach individual CareFirst plan, as well as some employer-based plans, follow federal guidelines that require that benefits for mental health and substance use disorders be equal to those for medical services and procedures. This means that you can expect to see the same copayment, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums for your treatment at Immersion Recovery as you would for any other medically necessary procedure. In addition, limits on the number of days in care, for either inpatient stays or outpatient visits, must be the same as for any other medical procedure.

What your exact benefits cover is specific to your CareFirst Healthcare plan and your Immersion Recovery treatment plan. Factors to consider are your plan’s copayment amount, coinsurance amounts, deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket limits. Your copayment is a one-time, upfront cost for any medical service or procedure. Coinsurance is the amount that you or a third party may expect to pay after your CareFirst plan benefits are applied. This amount may also vary depending on the maximum out-of-pocket expense limits of your plan.

Typically, bronze level plans will offer the lowest monthly premiums, but the highest deductibles and copayment amounts. Gold and platinum level plans offer the lowest deductibles, but at the highest monthly premiums. Not all metal levels are available in every state.

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If your CareFirst plan is an HMO, rather than a PPO plan, your insurance will benefit you most when you choose an approved service provider, such as Immersion Recovery Center. Should your treatment plan require pre-authorization, Immersion Recovery will work closely with CareFirst to coordinate approval for admission into our programs.

Your CareFirst Healthcare benefits may cover the following:

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The quickest and easiest way to find out if your particular Immersion Recovery program requires pre-authorization, or if it’s covered by your CareFirst Healthcare plan is to call us. At Immersion Recovery Center, we’ve created a healing oasis, and we understand that finding peace begins with addressing financial insecurity and fear. Our admissions counselors are available to help you navigate your options and lead a rich, sober life.

Now is the time to begin. Share your story with an admissions counselor or discuss your insurance plan with our team of knowledgeable advocates by inquiring online or calling (888) 693-1604 today.