The process of detoxification is a critical first step in your journey toward a healthy, sober life. Medical detox is a safe way to manage withdrawal and to begin to rid your body of the toxins from addictive substances. And yet many people have the wrong idea about detox due to myths and misinformation.

Here, we help clear up the confusion about drug and alcohol detox for you or someone you love:

  1. Myth: You can detox alone. Quitting cold turkey, or immediately deciding to stop use of a substance, can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases fatal. What’s more, an unsupervised detox doesn’t always work and can result in relapse. The success rate of quitting opiates cold turkey, for example, is around 5 percent.
  2. Myth: Detox is very painful. While you will experience withdrawal symptoms, they are not always painful. This will depend on both the drug and length of use. During a supervised medical detox, trained professionals can help mitigate any discomfort, withdrawals or other symptoms associated with detox.
  3. Myth: You are sober after detoxing. Even if you undergo fully supervised detox at a dedicated recovery facility, detox is only the first step. You will still need to learn how to cope with the cravings, emotions and mental controls that accompany addiction. To ensure lasting recovery, you’ll need to undergo a comprehensive program that may include residential treatment, intensive outpatient care and aftercare.