Immersion Staff Spotlight:
Leslie Rhinebarger & Amanda Beard

Like many Immersion Recovery Center staff members, Leslie Rhinebarger, Director of Nursing, first got involved in her current line of work after a series of impactful personal experiences.

“I first got started in nursing because of an accident I was in,” she explains. “I underwent several surgeries, and I did continuous work with my surgeons. The dedication, care, and compassion I received from the healthcare team helped me develop a deep passion and appreciation for what they did. I went back to school, and eventually ended up working as an extern for the surgeons who had played such a monumental role in my recovery.”

A Passion for Addiction & Mental Health

Leslie worked directly with the surgical trauma team, implementing new procedures and developing a deeper understanding of both orthopedic and neurosurgery. “When I found myself in Florida, I wasn’t sure where I was going to go,” she says. “I was searching for new opportunities in the nursing field, and my friend Amanda Beard mentioned that Guardian Recovery Network was hiring. I had a strong passion for mental health and substance use; many members of my family have dealt with such struggles, and this specific area of healthcare is very close to my heart. I saw this as an excellent opportunity for me to get involved and make a positive impact.”

As the saying goes… the rest is history. Leslie has been with Immersion Recovery Center since October of 2020, working as the Director of Nursing and the only on-site nurse at the PHP [Partial Hospitalization] level of care.

“I’m a 24-hour nurse, available 7 days a week to address the medical needs of clients,” she says. “I’m also available around-the-clock to answer any questions or address any concerns from the clinical teams; I’m the go-to person for any and all medical advice. I ensure that all medical documentation is in order, that the needs of each individual client are being met, and that we are in compliance with all guidelines and regulations. I also oversee the distribution of medications.”

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Leslie’s continued dedication to the Immersion program makes providing top-tier, compassionate medical care possible. “I love working with a treatment team that is so focused on the 12 Step program of recovery at its core,” she says. “The people who ave built this organization have also been down that road. We have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of recovery; we know how it works. This is one of the most family-type atmospheres I’ve ever been a part of. There is so much loyalty and camaraderie, and the care and support we show to one another is truly second-to-none.”

leslie rhinebarger staff spotlight

As an added bonus, Leslie gets to work closely with her long-time friend and colleague Amanda Beard, Immersion’s Medical Service Coordinator. “We teach one another on a daily basis,” Leslie says. “I am extremely pleased to be here, and I’m so fortunate for the opportunities I have to work and grow alongside this amazing company.”

Amanda Beard, Immersion’s Medical Services Coordinator

Originally from Mississippi, Amanda decided to move to South Florida in 2011 to start her journey in recovery. When Immersion Recovery Center’s PHP opened in March of 2018, Amanda was hired as a behavioral technician. Since May of 2018, Amanda has served as the Medical Services Coordinator for Immersion Residential. Amanda is responsible for the scheduling of all outside medical appointments, laboratory tests, and the ordering and delivery of all medication.

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“I came to Florida to get sober in 2013,” Amanda explains. “I started working in the treatment industry when I had a little under two years sober. A woman I knew who worked for Guardian called me when Immersion was first establishing their women’s program; I was one of the first hires in 2018, when I started as a technician. I was soon asked to be the Medical Services Coordinator, a role I continue to fill. I organize all of the outside appointments for clients, deal with all of their medical records, and work directly with on-site clinicians. Leslie and I have been close friends for for over 5 years now, and we work in close quarters. We feed off of one another; we share similar work ethics and both have a deep passion for what we do.”

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Amanda notes she is proud to be part of such a dedicated and compassionate team of individuals. “I love everything about Immersion’s clinical program,” she says. “Everything. The program is so solution-oriented; clients are able to work through the Big Book in a supportive environment and land on a tangible solution to their problems.”

In her free time, Amanda enjoys spending time with friends, gardening, and spending time with her two cats — Mango and Kiwi.

Thank you for your continued dedication, Leslie and Amanda!

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