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Meet the Immersion Recovery Center Staff

Meet Chris Wolcott, Immersion Recovery Center’s Alumni Outreach Manager.

Chris has been with Immersion Recovery Center for several years, first beginning his Guardian Recovery Network journey as a tech. In his role as the Alumni Outreach Manager, Chris helps those who have gone through any Guardian Recovery Network program stay connected and continue on the right track in their recovery journeys.

Like many team members, Chris began his personal recovery journey in a Guardian Recovery Network program, and he is excited to share his experience, strength, and hope with others who are new to the recovery process.

A Day in the Life of an Alumni Outreach Manager

“On a day-to-day basis we’re doing everything we can to provide support to those who have left our care, regardless of the facility they attended,” he explains. “We also provide support to their families. We shed light on the recovery process and on recovery in general.

For example, when I went through treatment myself, my mother didn’t fully grasp what it was that I was going through. She really didn’t feel like she had anywhere to turn. She didn’t know who to ask about what steps she could take to help me, and it’s very rewarding being able to support people in a similar position. I would say helping family members navigate the process is one of my favorite parts of my role here.”

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A Product of the Immersion Program

Chris notes that his personal experiences have prepared him to guide others through early recovery with compassion and empathy.

“I went through the Immersion program back in early 2017,” he explains. “I got sober through this program and I’ve essentially been here ever since.”

Chris will celebrate 6 years of sobriety on April 3rd.

“Going through the Steps while I was in treatment made a huge difference,” he says. “If I hadn’t gone through the Steps while I was in treatment I genuinely don’t think I’d be sober today. But honestly, I had an uncomfortable experience at Immersion. I was resistant to change, and I was still kind of a jerk at that point in my recovery. But the clinical program is exactly what I needed at the time. I’m forever grateful.”

His Personal Journey in Early Sobriety

“Once I graduated from the program I got a job at Bostons on the Beach,” Chris explains. The restaurant is located on the end of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. “I was serving, and because I had waited tables in the past and being from the Massachusetts area, the job was perfect for me; perfect for early recovery. Our old Program Director approached me while I was serving and asked if I was interested in a tech position, and I took him up on the offer. I wanted to get my foot in the door; addiction treatment and recovery is one of the things I’m most passionate about. It was pretty cool to see where my own recovery journey took me. None of this was planned. I simply followed the path that seemed to be laid out for me, and it brought me to where I am today. I couldn’t be happier.”

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Chris helps organize the once monthly alumni meetings, which he describes as a fundamental component of the Guardian Alumni Program. “The alumni meetings are great,” he says. “We have family members who show up to give their loved ones their one, two, or three year medallions. The meetings can be pretty emotional. We also have the PHP [partial hospitalization] portion of the Immersion program showing up, so they can see what they have to look forward to should they choose to stay the course.”

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When Chris isn’t working he likes watching football with friends, shopping, and riding around in/cleaning his sweet whip (yes, that’s right… it’s a Lincoln).

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