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Meet Angelic Gallegos

Meet Angelic Gallegos, one of Immersion Recovery Center’s experienced and dedicated 12 Step Mentors. Having gone through the Immersion program herself several years ago, Angelic is a prime example of how extensively impactful carrying the message can be. Angelic has been a valued team member for nearly four months, joining the Immersion team after working closely with women at a nearby sober living home. As she guides others through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, she continues to bolster and further develop her own sobriety on a daily basis.

Welcome, Angelic — we are so grateful to have you onboard!

The Role of a 12 Step Mentor

“As a 12 Step Mentor I basically guide clients through the 12 Step process,” Angelic explains. “I help them open up to the idea of working the Steps and help them get through their inventories. I also work as a Case Manager two days a week, helping clients with things like insurance and setting up a personalized aftercare plan.”

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Angelic draws on her personal experience with the Immersion program, which she completed roughly three years ago. “I really look up to the people I’m now fortunate enough to work with,” she says. “Even though I’ve been working in the substance use recovery field for awhile, it was surreal to see the people who really helped me and guided me; to become a peer and a coworker when I was previously a client. I was attracted to their genuine happiness when I went through the program myself, and to still see them thriving is really amazing. I’m grateful that I’m able to help people who are now where I once was.”

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The Benefits of a 12 Step Immersion Program

Angelic notes that the Immersion program allowed her the opportunity to work through the 12 Steps in a safe, supportive, and structured environment — an indispensable advantage that not many are afforded. “During the multi-staged treatment program, clients are walked through the first four Steps,” she explains. “Then they continue with Step 5 and 6. Having the opportunity to write a thorough 4th Step in PHP [Partial Hospitalization] was really beneficial. I was pushed to get honest and raw, and I felt safe doing so. It can be difficult to go through the 4th Step on your own. I was resistant to acknowledging my part in certain situations, but having the staff to sit and talk with really helped. They really cared, and they had been through the Step before so they were able to offer some incredible insight.”

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Originally from Denver, Colorado, Angelic has started to explore some of the many recreational opportunities South Florida has to offer in her spare time. “I’ve been going to the beach, reading,” she says. “I’m just now learning what it is I like to do. I didn’t know who I was when I first moved here. For the first three years of my recovery I really embraced AA and got as involved as I could, and my personality is really coming to the surface as a result. I’m happy with who I am. I’m a nicer person; I genuinely enjoy helping other people.”

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