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  • Prescription drug take back day

Prescription Drug Take Back in Florida

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Prescription Drug Abuse According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the scope of prescription drug abuse in the United States has been rapidly increasing over the course of the past two decades. From ...

  • Anxiety and Addiction Dual Diagnosis

Does Anxiety Cause Addiction?

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Addiction and mental health go hand in hand. In many cases, co-occurring disorders present a “chicken or egg” type of situation, and it can be difficult to pinpoint which came first. It is very ...

4 Personality Traits That Can Indicate Addiction

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The term “addictive personality” suggests a personality type that makes a person more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. But it’s not so black and white. No single personality type sets someone ...

Eradicating the Shame of Addiction

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September was National Recovery Month. We observed Mental Illness Awareness Week at the beginning of October. Yesterday, we recognized World Mental Health Day. These three observances have some overall objectives, many of which overlap: Raising awareness about mental ...

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