Recovery in Delray Beach
South Florida’s Addiction Recovery Community

If you or someone you love is considering entering an addiction recovery program, it’s critical that you find a center that offers individualized treatment that suits your needs. Treatment philosophy, the types of medical and clinical services provided, and the insurance accepted are all important things to consider.

Location is another important factor that should not be overlooked. Treatment is a time where a person needs to focus wholly on overcoming addiction, healing and getting well in an environment that’s safe, supportive and comfortable. The right location will foster the mind, body and spirit connection and truly help a person thrive.

Recovery from substance use disorder isn’t just about treating the addiction. It’s about being immersed in an environment where you can focus solely on healing. At Immersion Recovery Center, it should come as no surprise that our residents are fully immersed in recovery.


Immersion Recovery Network is located in a quiet residential neighborhood just a short car ride from Downtown Delray Beach, a vibrant community where Immersion residents can grab a bite to eat, shop for fresh produce at the Delray GreenMarket, check out a First Friday Art Walk or rent electric bikes. With miles of pristine, white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters, residents can trek to the beach to watch the sunrise, swim or attend a beachfront 12-step meeting.

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The Delray Beach community captures the essence of South Florida living, with a laid-back vibe, gorgeous coastal scenery and plenty of recreational opportunities. For residents embarking on their recovery journey, there’s truly no better place to heal and grow than in Delray Beach.


South Florida is home to thousands of people in recovery, and there is a thriving 12-step community in Delray Beach. There are dozens of 12-step meetings held every day, including sunrise beach meetings and groups that cater specifically to men, women, seniors and members of the LGBT community.

With so many 12-step groups to choose from, Delray Beach is a perfect community for people who are ready to engage in recovery or are seeking to establish themselves in the local recovery community and build a support network for life after treatment.

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It’s so easy for Immersion residents to take their recovery outdoors because Delray Beach has a comfortable, relatively mild climate year-round. Immersion Recovery Center is close to miles of green space, including the Delray Oaks Natural Area, Oakmont Park and the Leon M. Weekes Environmental Preserve, and is just 10 minutes from the Atlantic Coast.

We regularly coordinate group trips to go to the beach, surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, hiking, biking and camping, which offer a non-traditional approach to treatment and bolster an individual’s recovery.

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What was once a sleepy farming community is now a bustling small city and a shopping, dining and cultural destination. Delray Beach is a true artists’ community, home to dozens of galleries and studios. Atlantic Avenue boasts live music, restaurants and cafes, and the historic Pineapple Grove Arts District is known for its collection of galleries and public art. Whether it’s Restaurant Week, a street festival or the First Friday Art Walk, there’s always something happening in Delray Beach that’s worth checking out.

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Immersion Recovery Center has helped hundreds of people overcome addiction and go on to lead successful, meaningful lives in recovery. As a real 12-step immersion program, we empower our residents to recreate their lives using a combination of traditional clinical services and alternative therapies as they relate to the principles of the 12-step program. Recovery is possible, and it begins at Immersion Recovery Center. Speak with a Treatment Advisor by calling (888) 693-1604