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An intervention is a carefully planned and professionally facilitated process geared towards helping an individual struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction seek treatment immediately. In some cases addictive disorders become so severe that putting off treatment could result in serious consequences including severe withdrawal symptoms and even overdose-related death. Addiction is a life-threatening disease and seeking a professional recovery program sooner rather than later is always the wise choice.

It can be extremely difficult watching a loved one suffer at the hands of addiction and even more difficult to attempt to help. In some cases simply sitting down with a loved one and having a non-judgmental and compassionate conversation can help expedite the recovery process. In most cases however, the loved one will be so engulfed in active addiction that he or she will not be able to clearly see – let alone acknowledge – that there is a serious problem to address. Addiction is a disease of denial. Because of this, a different, more involved approach to confrontation is often a necessity. This is where a professionally facilitated intervention comes into play.

Every intervention by Immersion Recovery Center professionals is carefully and thoroughly planned, and every detail is carefully considered. It is absolutely crucial that interventions are planned and carried out by a licensed and experienced professional. Attempting to orchestrate an intervention on your own is liable to backfire and ultimately cause more harm than good. There is a very specific formula that must be adhered to in order for the intervention to be successful. The loved ones of the addicted individual will write out letters, which they will read in a controlled and closely monitored setting. These letters must come from a place of genuine concern, never from a place of blame, judgement or condemnation. Those who are involved in the intervention then explain how the actions of their loved one has impacted them in a negative way, and they actively set (and maintain) a set of personal boundaries. A plan of action is presented and the individual who is suffering from addiction is asked to accept treatment immediately.

If someone you love has been struggling with a severe addictive disorder and is not willing to seek the care they both need and deserve, our professional interventionists are available to help and you can call us now for private and confidential help.

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Intervention – A Step-By-Step Look

At Immersion recovery Center, we have licensed interventionists on staff with years of professional experience under their belts. Our interventionists take the families of those suffering with addiction through a carefully developed, step-by-step process. If needed, one of our interventionists will come to you. Each intervention varies on a person-to-person basis. However, some fundamental steps remain consistent.

The fundamental steps of every successful intervention include:

  • Completing a detailed assessment – As soon as one of our interventionists is assigned to a family, he or she begins conducting an in-depth assessment – not just concerning the addicted individual, but all of his or her family members and close friends as well. The assessment helps determine the urgency of the intervention, the plan of action and the people who are going to be directly involved.

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  • Making a solid plan – The initial plan begins to develop when a family member or friend of the addicted individual realizes that help has become a necessity. One of our professional interventionists is called and interventionist takes the reigns. The basic outline of the plan includes when the intervention will take place, where it will take place and who will be involved. Because interventions can be highly charged and can result in further resentment and isolation when not properly executed, having a detailed plan and executing this plan is absolutely key.
  • Forming the group of loved ones that are going to participate in the intervention – The intervention itself is not open to anyone and everyone who has expressed concern. It is important that the person who the intervention is for does not feel overwhelmed or attacked. It is also important that the event stays small and intimate, and that those who are involved have been directly affected by the addiction. For example, if the afflicted individual has a father but has never been close to his father, it would not make sense for his father to be involved. The therapist that is assigned to each unique case is going to determine who is involved and who is not.
  • Collecting information from all participating friends and family members, and gathering information about pertinent treatment programs – In this case, the hardest work is done for the loved ones of the addict – finding a reputable treatment center. In most cases, interventionists work separately from inpatient rehabs. One thing that sets Immersion Recovery Center apart from the rest is the fact that we work closely with on-staff interventionists, making the entire process all that much easier. Our interventionists collect information from the loved ones of the person who is in need of treatment, all the while continuing to develop a solid and effective plan of action.

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  • Writing the letters which are going to be read during the intervention – These letters are a crucial part of every intervention. The interventionist instructs friends and family members as far as a basic formula, helping them pen the letters in a way that is non-confrontational and effective. These letters detail how the addiction has affected every participant individually, why seeking treatment has become essential and which boundaries will be in place once the intervention has come to an end.
  • Deciding which boundaries and specific consequences will be shared and maintained – The interventionist is going to help participants land on personal boundaries that can be maintained and that will prove to be effective in further pushing the afflicted individual towards professional treatment. Some examples of personal boundaries include, “Until you seek treatment, you will no longer be welcome in our home,” and, “I will no longer be able to speak with you or spend any time with you unless you agree to seek treatment today.”
  • Following up – Family involvement does not end abruptly after the staged intervention comes to a close. Family intervention continues long into the addiction treatment process. At Immersion Recovery Center we offer an involved, family-oriented program that includes family therapy and ongoing family support. This provides family members and close friends with the support they need to maintain the boundaries they have set while they heal simultaneously and individually.

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When is Intervention Necessary?

Intervention may be necessary if an addictive disorder is especially severe, if an individual has become a danger to him or herself as well as others, or if an individual is suffering from a co-occurring mental health disorder. If the individual is struggling with an undiagnosed or untreated dual diagnosis disorder, he or she will not be able to make rational decisions as far as personal well-being. Crisis intervention becomes a necessity and at Immersion Recovery Center we ensure that a professional interventionist will be assigned immediately and that the intervention itself will be staged and executed as quickly as possible. Drug addiction intervention is often necessary to facilitate the addiction recovery process at an addiction treatment center. We understand the necessity of the process and we work to make the entire recovery experience – from professionally staged intervention all the way through aftercare – as seamless and stress-free as possible. To learn more about interventions in general and the Immersion Recovery Center standard of intervention services, give us a call today. If you need immediate care because your loved one’s life is in danger, give us a call any time of day or night 24/7.