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Alcohol and drug addiction can be shameless, ravaging the mind, body and spirit and stealing your hope. At Immersion Recovery Center, our seasoned team shows you the way out of addiction and into recovery. Immersion Recovery Center illuminates the darkness, delivering clinically driven dynamic care. Our integrated program elevates recovery results using a time-tested 12 step program philosophy strategically blended with evidence-based therapies and complementary modalities.

During Immersion’s intensive residential program, men and women comfortably and safely recover against the stunning backdrop and vibrant activity of Florida’s coastline. Beginning to free themselves from the physical chains of addiction, they embark upon a therapeutic journey that unravels deep-rooted issues and helps develop a profound understanding of AA’s 12-step program.

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Drug addiction and alcoholism can be relentless, tearing apart your family as well as your physical, mental and spiritual health. When you and those closest to you are consumed with pain and fear, find solace and healing in Immersion Recovery Center.

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Located in South Florida, Immersion has created a peaceful, four-story state-of-the-art wellness facility. Our compassionate staff believes that recovery is possible for everyone—including families. Our program is led by credentialed men and women who understand the brokenness of addiction and have helped thousands come out, restored, on the other side. To further enhance recovery outcomes, our Florida facility offers a 12-step immersion model paired with evidence-based clinical services and holistic modalities.

Spiritually Based 12 Step Recovery Offerings

Immersion Recovery Center is a comprehensive co-ed, yet gender-specific, program that teaches participants to grow in their understanding of themselves. We will help you breathe deeply and take the opportunity to be grateful while drawing from clinical and spiritual recovery principles. Our team skillfully utilizes alternative methods that bring about lasting sobriety outcomes. To accomplish your long-term recovery goals, our new recovery center provides the following:

  • Residential treatment: Designed around the 12-steps and reinforced by a fusion of clinically proven services, our South Florida addiction treatment is truly immersive. Residents develop a daily and deep understanding of the 12 steps, benefiting from a spiritual connection and healing in our well-appointed estate. Immersion’s integrated residential program is tailored to your needs and supported by a high-level of clinical competency.

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  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP): As an alternative to residential treatment, our true 12-step immersion program is also available as an outpatient. While living off-campus in a sober community or with family support, you’ll attend inspirational daily therapy sessions and participate in clinically dynamic modalities.
  • Family support: Addiction never occurs in a vacuum and should be treated as a family problem. Part of the Immersion Recovery Center difference is our family-focused approach. Counseling, disease education and post-rehab support for loved ones is available as needed during your time with us.
  • Aftercare: While you are still in treatment, you will work with our addiction specialists to plan for a healthy future. To minimize chance of relapse and streamline your new sober adventure, we help you find or maintain employment, plan educational goals, arrange aftercare placement, and set the stage for a rewarding role in the South Florida recovery community.

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Immersion’s 12-step South Florida recovery center was borne of our desire to be the solution and transform the recovery landscape. With many of them having overcome addiction in a personal way, our clinicians believe we all long for something greater than ourselves—and that true recovery includes a vital spiritual experience. To learn more about our beautifully furnished, cutting-edge immersion program and find your way out of addiction, call (888) 693-1604 or inquire online.