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Florida Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction can be devastating. It can ravage the mind, body and spirit; it can steal your hope and rob you of clarity. At Immersion Recovery Center, our seasoned team shows you the way out of addiction and into recovery. Immersion Recovery Center illuminates the darkness, delivering clinically driven dynamic care. Our integrated program elevates recovery results using a time-tested 12-step philosophy strategically blended with evidence-based therapies and complementary modalities.

During Immersion’s intensive residential program, men and women recover against the picturesque backdrop of Florida’s tranquil coastline. Beginning to free themselves from the physical dependence of addiction, clients embark on a therapeutic journey that helps them unravel deep-rooted issues and develop a profound understanding of AA’s 12-step program.

Features of Our Delray Beach Inpatient Rehab

Treating men and women with dignity at every recovery phase, Immersion Recovery Center offers a compassionate, practical and life-saving residential treatment plan for those who have suffered from addiction and alcoholism. During our sophisticated clinical fusion, you will embark upon a guided path to recovery grounded in the 12 steps. This path will teach you to honor yourself and discover lasting mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Immersion’s state-of-the-art retreat experience includes:

  • Pragmatic, daily integration of 12-step philosophies
  • Comprehensive disease-model education
  • Life skills training
  • Education & employment assistance
  • Integration of CBT & other clinically distinct techniques
  • Dedicated family programs with interactive therapy opportunities
  • Relapse prevention & aftercare planning
  • Alumni socials, group meetings & activities

Find Healing & Hope at Our Facility

The Immersion Recovery Center team believes your environment is inextricably linked to recovery success. With that in mind, we have created an elegant, beautifully appointed campus where clients heal physically and mentally, and build sober relationships that last a lifetime.

Our amenity-rich, four-story South Florida addiction treatment center is home to a team of credentialed therapists, experienced clinicians and compassionate support staff. Here, you will find:

  • Private, luxurious bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Classically trained chef & state-of-the art kitchen
  • Beautiful community dining spaces
  • Recreation center & client entertainment lounge
  • Nearby beaches, hiking trails & outdoor activities

Experience Recovery, #NotTreatment

At this crucial time in your life, you need an advocate. Allow us to step into that role: providing a realistic, practical 12-step approach that will release you from a devastating cycle of substance relapse. Transformation occurs as you come face to face with your frailties and trust us to help you navigate the healing process.

Immersion can help you find peace and clarity, and now is the time to begin. Share your story with an admissions counselor or discuss your insurance plan with our team of knowledgeable advocates by inquiring online or calling 561.419.3349.

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