Focused Treatment

Individualized Programs

Individual 12-Step Recovery

At Immersion Recovery Center, we recognize that alcoholism and addiction to drugs are chronic diseases. As such, they must be treated with care and a rigorous, involved recovery process. If you care about getting clean and remaining sober, you will need to commit yourself to staying on the path towards leading a clean life. Our Boynton Beach recovery center offers a 12-step treatment program to help individuals like yourself recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

We help you to rebuild your life through the principles of:

  • Restoring a healthy dynamic in your family
  • Healing broken relationships in your family
  • Interactive therapy sessions with family members
  • Dedicated family programs during recovery

Our treatment center offers an approach to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction that is extremely effective if followed closely. If you are seeking a lasting solution to turn around your life, we can help.

Contact us today at 561.419.3349 to request additional information about our individual programs.