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cigna insuranceAt Immersion Recovery Center, we understand that the financial commitment involved in receiving treatment can sometimes be a barrier to getting started. Our goal is to get you into recovery as soon as possible, which is why we work closely with Cigna Health Insurance to ease the financial burden of rehab, inpatient and outpatient therapy, and aftercare services. Our first and foremost goal is to provide you with hope. Although all may seem lost, recovery is possible for everyone, including family members, and it doesn’t need to be a financial burden. Verifying your benefits is as simple as making a simple phone call.

At Immersion Recovery, our approach goes far beyond rehab, and your Cigna health plan will be there for you each step of the way. Cigna insures close to 16 million Americans, via Cigna Behavioral Health benefits at 14,000 facilities through 122,000 health care professionals. Behavioral Health benefits cover substance misuse treatment plans in addition to a range of services related to mental health and the mind-body connection. Your Cigna plan may extend to cover family and relationship therapy, or treatment for co-occurring issues such as depression, stress and anxiety.

CIGNA Heathcare for AddictionCigna understands that detoxifying from alcohol or drugs is a medically necessary treatment that should only be done under the care of a medical professional. Your Cigna medical plan may contribute to covering costs associated with rehab and related medications. Our clinical team uses pharmaceuticals to minimize withdrawal symptoms and ease you into rehab, and these medications too may be covered by your Cigna benefits. While inpatient rehab programs may require pre-authorization, Immersion Recovery Center will work closely with you to ensure that all parameters are met and your insurance benefits are maximized.

Once you have safely finished rehab from alcohol or drugs, Immersion Recovery’s treatment plans continue with inpatient rehabilitation services, and outpatient rehabilitation programs. Each individualized treatment plan blends a spiritual 12-step approach based on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, with cognitive behavioral therapy and complementary modalities, including family and individual counseling. Cigna is among the insurance providers who understand that integrating evidence-based treatment with multidisciplinary programs offers the best chance for long-term success in recovery. Cigna has long been a leader in managing comprehensive treatment plans for their patients, and your Cigna Behavioral Health benefits will include the assignment of a case manager who will manage the relationships between your medical doctors, mental health professionals and pharmacist, as needed.

Should you choose to participate in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or aftercare, your Cigna plan may follow you, easing the financial burden of aftercare placement in a recovery home, or ongoing therapeutic services. Cigna Behavioral Health benefits cover costs associated with 12-step programs, therapy and support groups, as well as Routine Outpatient Care (ROC) such as individual or family therapy, and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs). Our trusted network of recovery homes offer access to ongoing therapeutic services that potentially fall within the benefits of your Cigna Health Insurance plan.

Each Cigna Health plan will vary. Plans with the same or similar names may vary across differing employer groups, and individual plans within the same marketplace metal bracket (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) may have differing deductibles or copayment amounts. Those with Cigna Open Access Plus or PPO plans may find that they are fully covered regardless of the provider they select, while those with Cigna Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) or Cigna Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans may find that their benefits are maximized only when they choose an in-network provider.

The best and easiest way to find out if your particular Immersion Recovery Center program requires pre-authorization, or if it’s covered by your Cigna health plan is to call us. Rest assured, in all cases, we will work closely with Cigna to make the necessary arrangements for pre-authorizations and to maximize your Cigna benefits. At Immersion Recovery Center, we’ve created a healing oasis, and we understand that finding peace begins with addressing financial insecurity and fear. Our admissions counselors are available to help you navigate your options and lead a rich, sober life.

Immersion Recovery Center can help you find peace and clarity and knows that now is the time to begin your journey. Share your story with an admissions counselor or discuss your insurance plan with our team of knowledgeable advocates by inquiring online or by calling us at 877-378-0280.