4 Ways to Support a Loved One in Recovery

National Recovery month is coming to a close, but the journey toward sobriety is just beginning for many people with substance use disorders. There are millions of Americans in recovery, so there’s a good chance that someone you care about may be one of them. But how do you help a loved one in [...]

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What Is Powerlessness? Step One of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

“We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.” That’s Step 1 of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and as anyone who is active in the 12-Step community will tell you, admitting powerlessness is far from a sign of defeat. Step 1: The First Step Toward a Solution We [...]

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Is There Such a Thing as Drinking in Moderation?

  Some people who struggle with alcohol use disorder may wonder if there is such a thing as drinking in moderation. Although total abstinence seems to be the only option in the recovery setting, is it possible for someone who has exhibited addictive behaviors and struggled with alcoholism to control their drinking through moderation? [...]

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Relapse: Smokers Have Increased Risk

Are you a tobacco user? Do you smoke cigarettes daily, or even occasionally? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we strongly encourage you to consider smoking cessation. In the United States, nary a soul is unaware of the dangers cigarettes pose to one’s health. Use leads to addiction and can be deadly. [...]

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Prescription Opioids In Recovery

People working a program of addiction recovery have a vested interest in avoiding mind-altering substances, at all costs. It doesn’t matter one’s drug of choice, alcohol or heroin. If you have been touched by the disease of addiction, you should be leery of any substance that becomes habit-forming. It is quite common for people in Alcoholics [...]

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Immersion Recovery Center Raises Thousands for Police Department

Immersion Recovery Center raised thousands for a Delray Beach Police Department program that supports individuals and families in crisis. Immersion Recovery Center, along with RECO Intensive, co-hosted the Annual Recovery Dodgeball Tournament, which drew more than 250 people, on Saturday, Jan. 13 at Pompey Park. “This particular event is one that we put on every year, and [...]

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Recovery: Addiction Treatment and The 12-Steps

For 82 years, the program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been a lifesaving tool for millions around the globe. No other method of addiction recovery has borne as much fruit. That is not say that there is only one way to recover from alcohol or substance use disorders. But, the 12-Steps have shown the most [...]

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5 Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

When you’ve decided you’re ready to get treatment for addiction, staying close to home might seem like the most logical option. You’ll be able to see friends and family, and you might not have to take any time away from school or work. Plus, the thought of traveling somewhere new, far from familiar surroundings, can [...]

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Embracing Your Second Chance: Finding Employment After Rehab

Making your way to recovery after addiction to drugs and alcohol is something like being reborn. It’s a second chance to become an empowered person who can make wise decisions and create a life that is purposeful and rewarding. A key part of this transformation is finding and keeping a job. Work provides structure, financial [...]

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Benefits of Choosing Treatment in Delray Beach

Whether you’re a South Florida native or are relocating to the area, Delray Beach is the ideal spot to seek addiction treatment. A first-class resort destination and two-time winner of the All-American City Award, Delray Beach offers people seeking drug and alcohol abuse treatment a chance to begin their path to sobriety in a picture-perfect [...]

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