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How to Parent Your Adult Child
17 March

Parents never stop being parents, even as children grow up, get jobs, move out and have families of their own.

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5 Reasons Why Men Hide Their Depression
7 March

Although cultural norms have started to shift, many men in the United States and around the world are taught from

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5 Ways to Be Happy in Recovery When You’re Feeling Anything But
27 February

It’s easy to feel happy and carefree when life is going smoothly, but bumps in the road are inevitable, which

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5 Holistic Practices That Enhance Recovery
21 February

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy recovery. Proponents of holistic therapies like meditation, acupuncture and yoga will tell you that they

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talk loved one addiction
What Does It Mean to Have a Co-Occurring Disorder?
14 February

Co-occurring disorders, also referred to as dual diagnosis, is a term for when mental illness and substance use disorder occur

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support loved ones recovery
7 Useful Ways to Support a Loved One in Recovery
9 February

The transition into sobriety is challenging for both the addict and their loved ones. It’s something families have to deal

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travel addiction treatment
5 Benefits of Traveling for Treatment
26 January

When you’ve decided you’re ready to get treatment for addiction, staying close to home might seem like the most logical

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immersion raises thousands
Immersion Recovery Center Raises Thousands for Police Department
23 January

Immersion Recovery Center raised thousands for a Delray Beach Police Department program that supports individuals and families in crisis. Immersion

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sleep better
10 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep (And How to Fix It)
19 January

Self-care is essential to living a balanced life, and it’s especially important during recovery. Eating well, being active and practicing mindfulness

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self-care tips for recovery
6 Ways to Practice Self-Care In Recovery
11 January

Taking care of yourself–mind, body and spirit–is an integral part of recovery, but it’s easier said than done. Once you’ve

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