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active listening
How Active Listening Can Help Your Recovery
16 August

One of the many amazing things about recovery is the chance to make things right in your life, including repairing

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risky drinking
Risky Drinking In Roughly 40 Percent of Drinkers Who Drink
9 August

Risky drinking is on the rise in the United States, according to a study of more than 34,000 adults. Researchers

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LegitScript certification
We Are LegitScript Certified!
27 July

When choosing an addiction treatment center, it’s essential to make sure the program is properly licensed and accredited. That’s why

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Don’t Let Loneliness Harm Your Recovery
19 July

Loneliness is study-proven to be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day – and it’s also

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Tips to Overcome Common Rehab Fears
17 July

Making the decision to commit to rehab can be downright scary – but it’s important that you don’t allow your

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4 Personality Traits That Can Indicate Addiction
28 June

The term “addictive personality” suggests a personality type that makes a person more likely to become addicted to drugs or

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Team Immersion Recovery Center: Running to Raise Awareness for Addiction
26 June

Immersion Recovery Center is partnering with The Herren Project, a non-profit addiction recovery foundation, to run in the 2018 New

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5 Forms of Active Meditation That Can Boost Your Recovery
14 June

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a matter of making–and sticking to–new habits. In the treatment setting, clients slowly

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The Reality of Post-Acute Withdrawal and Relapse
11 June

It’s a common misconception that after detox and withdrawal, life returns to “normal,” when in reality, detox is merely the

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How Depression (And Its Stigma) Affects Men
31 May

It’s said that depression affects women more than it does men, but men and women experience depression equally. It’s just

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