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higher power
Higher Power: A God of Your Understanding
21 September

There is one facet that people considering recovery or who are new to the program often get hung up on.

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Recovering From Addiction: A Tremendous Feat
14 September

Recovery is something worth celebrating. Anyone who manages to break the cycle of addiction has achieved a tremendous feat. It

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addiction recovery
Addiction Recovery Through Rough Weather
1 September

The nation is once again forced to pause in the wake of yet another devastating hurricane. At Immersion Recovery Center,

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addiction recovery
Immersing Yourself In Addiction Recovery
23 August

If you have successfully completed a program of addiction recovery, you are in good position. You have learned that it

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opioid addiction
Opioid Addiction Among Teenagers
16 August

The sooner addicts and alcoholics receive addiction treatment, the better. The longer the disease of addiction is neglected, the more

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Depression and Addiction Among Young Adult Males
10 August

Depression is form of mental illness that affects millions of Americans. It is estimated that more than 300 million people

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Talking About Addiction, Ending Stigma
2 August

In the United States we face a problem of paramount importance, an epidemic of addiction. It goes without saying that

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Addiction Recovery: No Room for Drugs or Alcohol
27 July

There is a common misconception among people new to a program of addiction recovery. The idea that you only have

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Relapse: Smokers Have Increased Risk
19 July

Are you a tobacco user? Do you smoke cigarettes daily, or even occasionally? If you answered yes to any of

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Opioid Addiction Epidemic Children
13 July

In the field of addiction we have an obligation to encourage people with alcohol and substance use disorders to seek

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