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5 Forms of Active Meditation That Can Boost Your Recovery
14 June

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a matter of making–and sticking to–new habits. In the treatment setting, clients slowly

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The Reality of Post-Acute Withdrawal and Relapse
11 June

It’s a common misconception that after detox and withdrawal, life returns to “normal,” when in reality, detox is merely the

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How Depression (And Its Stigma) Affects Men
31 May

It’s said that depression affects women more than it does men, but men and women experience depression equally. It’s just

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7 Ways to Incorporate a Daily Gratitude Practice Into Your Recovery
29 May

What are you grateful for? Sometimes we’re so caught up in the day-to-day of recovery that we forget to stop

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6 Elements of a Quality Aftercare Plan
18 May

Recovery is a lifelong journey, and something you’ll have to work toward every day to maintain. A good aftercare plan

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Confronting Character Flaws in Recovery
11 May

Humans are flawed by default. At the very least, each of us has several minor character flaws and a few

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How to Find the Best Sponsor to Support Your Recovery
30 April

If you’re committed to staying clean and sober, you need a sponsor. But finding your first sponsor can be a

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What Is Integrated Treatment?
25 April

At Immersion Recovery, we are committed to healing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. We employ integrated treatment throughout

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Is There Such a Thing as Drinking in Moderation?
17 April

Some people who struggle with alcohol use disorder may wonder if there is such a thing as drinking in moderation.

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What Is Powerlessness? Step One of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
13 April

“We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.” That’s Step 1 of the

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