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Immersions Recovery Center is a 12 step immersion treatment facility serving men and women struggling with chemical dependency to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program believes individuals must recreate their lives through the guiding principles of the 12 steps.

Our Unique Approach

At Immersion Recovery Center, LLC, we believe addiction is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. It is our belief that the book of Alcoholics Anonymous provides the most effective and well-rounded approach to addressing each of these components. Backed by the experiences of millions of alcoholics and addicts now living in freedom from their disease, we immerse our clients into a proven 12-step philosophy that can produce inward spiritual transformation. Our 12-step immersion philosophy, combined with our holistic and clinical approach, will teach the necessary skills for life long recovery.

Our program is a program of ACTION. Our twelve step program centered approach differs from “Mainstream AA” where there is belief that just going to meetings and talking about your problems will miraculously fix alcoholism. Although we believe fellowship is important to recovery, we bring back the very basics of Alcoholics Anonymous when people actively practiced the 12 steps as a successful program of recovery. Taught by experienced, 12 Step practitioners in long-term recovery, clients are guided through the AA Big Book from a first hand perspective and instructed on how to implement step work into their lives.

Our main goal is to help bring you back into society with a new set of skills so that you can live without addiction. Our Boynton Beach recovery center can provide you with physical, emotional, and spiritual care throughout your stay with us.

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Richard R.

“Thank You Immersion”

“Immersion Recovery presented me with solutions that I have been looking for ever since my struggle with addiction.  I have been through some of the most premier treatment centers this country has to offer, yet was never able to maintain long term sobriety.  I was hopeless, unemployable, and riddled with insecurity when I arrived at Immersion Recovery.”

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